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  • Date
    Saturday 14 May 2022
  • Venue
  • From
    Thessaloniki, Greece

Zorzét started her musical journey at the age of thirteen, playing trumpet and studying classical music. Eventually this was a big influence and led her later to become a Dj.

Studied music technology, and recently made her first music tracks that will soon be released.

She worked on the radio as a producer/sound engineer launching three radio shows De’electronic’ light, Cueing Bits, Planet Eva. Back in the days, she published music related articles in the UrbanStyleMag.

Her music taste delivers energy through a versatile mix that moves effortlessly between different genres & eras.

Experimenting with ambient, house, breaks, psy-tech and percussive tribal beats, Zorzét’s polymorphic range of sounds has the characteristic of diversity. Vocals and abstract space sounds are must have on her dj-set.

Love and ‘meraki’ about music gives her the motivation key to move on, smile and spread positive vibes!

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