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Everything you need to know about this year’s edition

How reworks will be held this year?

reworks will take place in open air locations with music performances and concerts. Already the first music activity has been announced for the opening day of the festival, on Thursday September 23rd. 

When the rest of the days / activities will be announced? 

All the details of the music activities will be announced separately during the coming days. 

Will there be many stages; 

Nope, reworks will take place on a single stage every day.  In one of the days we are working on a celebration within the city centre in collaboration with different venues. The exact details of this activity will be announced.  

Is entry permitted only for vaccinated people? 

According to the current set of regulations from the state, which got issued on August 21st, access to open air venues is allowed without showing a certificate of vaccination or negative PCR or rapid test. However, it is always a possibility that those regulation will change from the authorities. In this case, reworks will comply and will not held responsible for any changes regarding the entry on its premises.  

Is the festival for seated audience? 

According to the regulations set by the authorities in Greece for the prevention of Covid-19,  all outdoor cultural events, are only for seated people only.  Therefore reworks is for seated audience only. 

Wearing a mask is obligatory? 

Yes according to the current set of regulations for covid-19 prevention.  Mask is necessary to be used during entry, exit and during the event.  

Will there be any physical ticket sales?  

According to the regulations set from the authorities for the prevention of Covid-19, the sale of physical tickets is not allowed. All ticket sales are taking place either online via or via the network of Public stores in Greece. 

Ι have bought the reworks all day pass in 2020.  Can I use it this year or the next? 

Yes you can use  the reworks all day pass from 2020 in the case you have not asked for refund last year and got refunded. You can either use it for this year or you have the choice of using it in 2022. All you have to do is send us an email  on the email address until noon Tuesday August 31st,  notifying us what your preference. If we receive no answer by that date and time, your ticket is automatically regarded to be used on this edition. 

Save the dates! Reworks returns in Thessaloniki

Reworks Festival returns with four days full of music.

reworks presents the restart edition

Following the health instructions and protocols announced by the authorities against Covid-19, we have prepared a special edition of reworks 2021 that will aim to bring us closer to all those we missed. Aspiring to offer its musical aesthetics, supporting the work of both local and international artists. The full schedule, acts, special collaborations and the exact activities of reworks 2021 will be announced shortly.

Special passes for all the festival activities and tickets for the opening day will be available as of tomorrow. Your support to reworks in these difficult times is really important for us carrying a great symbolism. We are looking forward to having you with us.
See you in September!

Call for Contributions #02: Artists’ Lives and Perspectives


For the past years, the pressure on artists has intensified from all sides, especially when it comes to their means of subsistence: the impossibility of performing and meeting their audience, the opacity of the remuneration systems of the major streaming platforms, the increasing digitisation of activities and visibility, their precarious status in numerous countries, etc.

Faced with this critical situation, We are Europe seeks to feature and explore solutions for artists and the cultural sector. Above all, we want to shine a light on new perspectives by promoting existing ideas and even shaping new ones.

How to generate alternative and ethical income from concerts and tours? What (legal?) status could be put in place in Europe to protect the artists? What can we expect from streaming platforms in the future? Are NFTs a desirable and viable solution? What kind of sustainable and European political responses could be made to the cessation of artistic and cultural activities?

We are looking for testimonies, interviews, portraits, surveys, initiatives or opinions providing answers and putting forward solutions to all these questions.

If you wish to contribute to this series, please send your pitch to by 7 June 2021.

Contribution guidelines and publishing terms

— Contributors should send a pitch of approximately 250 words in English and a short bio.
— All formats are welcome: short stories, features, podcasts, videos, photos, interviews, creative fictions, etc.
— Contributions will be published in English and optionally in the author’s native language.
— Selected contributions will all be remunerated.

We are Europe launches new website and media platform

The cooperative of festivals behind We are Europe are embarking on the next phase of their project, with the launch of a new website and media platform. Aimed at reporting throughout the year on the cultural transformations shaping the Europe of tomorrow, it will feature stories from all over the continent, as told by the very people driving these changes.


The last few years have seen significant change in the cultural and creative industries. This has been caused not only by technological progress and the outbreak of COVID-19, but also by the powerful impact of social movements such as #MeToo and Black Lives Matter.

As cultural actors, we must address and respond to these changes. We have a duty to reflect on our activities, practices, events and, most importantly, to amplify the voices of those who are fighting for fairer societies. While our democratic regimes are increasingly challenged, it is up to us to create accessible spaces for citizens to connect, work together and collectively reinvent the European project.

We are Europe was created out of a will to formulate and advance a new vision of Europe, powered by its activists, change makers, artists and citizens. In just over five years, the events we have organised around the continent and further afield have enabled hundreds of people to meet, share ideas and collectively rethink our present and future. Although such a context is full of challenges, a European digital media platform such as ours can create a new online space in which to pursue these activities all year round.

What to expect from this new project?

Multiple storytelling formats. We enjoy reading features, but we also love watching videos and listening to podcasts. We want to experiment with multimedia narratives, ensuring that every story is told in the best way possible.

Opportunities to engage with a wider community. Communities have always played an essential role in our activities. Finding ways to develop community engagement, both physically and online, remains one of our top priorities.

A variety of topics, ranging from club culture to the challenges facing democracy. Our content is structured around seven collections, based on topics that we believe are key to changing our societies: Beyond the City, Arts, Agora Europe, Nightivism, Cyber Space, Planet: Reconnect and Culture: Reset!.


Read and watch our first stories

🎥TEASER: The Movement behind the Club — an exclusive conversation between Zviad Gelbakhiani, founder of the Tbilisi-based Club Bassiani, and French DJ Laurent Garnier. Full interview out on 23 February 2021.

🎥 The Dancefloor as a Political Ring — in an age of empty dancefloors, closed clubs and bullied parties, how can we think of a dancefloor policy that would restore the night to its role of democratic effervescence?

🎶📝Club to Cloud #1 — Opium (Vilnus)  — dive into the first episode of our series on European nightclubs. This week, we meet with Vidmantas Čepkauskas, artistic director of the iconic Vilnius-based Opium club.

We’re always on the lookout for stories that may have slipped under our radar. We aim to collaborate with writers, creators and contributors from all over the continent and beyond. 

👉 Visit our website to find out what topics we’re interested in at the moment

👉Email your pitches and suggestions to

We are Europe is a Creative Europe cooperation project powered by c/o pop Festival & Convention, Elevate, Insomnia, Nuits sonores & European Lab, Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora, Sónar & Sónar+D, TodaysArt and Unsound. 

Call for contributions: The Future(s) of Festivals


We are Europe is a project initiated by eight major independent electronic music festivals and forums to bring together artists, thinkers, journalists and citizens to shape the culture of tomorrow. In just over five years, it has enabled thousands of artists and speakers from all over the continent to perform, share ideas and connect through events.

The project members are now launching a European media platform to cover at best the cultural trans-formations shaping the future of Europe all year round. It will feature collaborations with writers, cre-ators and contributors from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries. By fostering such large-scale cooperation, this online platform will allow for a better circulation of ideas throughout the continent and also serve to cement the bonds between communities, generations and territories.



To set the ground for this new platform, we are launching a call for contributions to collect articles and editorial formats ideas on the following theme: THE FUTURE(S) OF FESTIVALS.

2020 marked a considerable change in the events and festivals industry. Many structures were unable to organise their events and left without any concrete perspective for the foreseeable future. Some of these events organisers, promoters and cultural activists have actively tried to redefine their activities: changing dates, going online, developing new and alternative formats, shaping new paradigms, etc. At the same time, given the current context, it seems like festivals are increasingly reflecting on their role in today’s society, be it in terms of carbon footprint, diversity or inclusion.

We are Europe is itself a project developed by festivals organisers. As such, we want to hear from those who were at the forefront of this storm and are thinking about new forms of festivals — from promotors to artists and performers. We want to understand how these cultural actors coped with the crisis and understand their role in society. What impact did the crisis have on their teams and their activities? Were they able to find new formats to implement in this context? How are festivals tackling climate issues? How have movements such as #MeToo and Black Live Matters impacted the festival industry? And eventually — what does this all mean for the future of festivals?

If you wish to contribute to this series, please send the first draft of your submission to by 8 February 2021.

• Contributors should send a pitch of approximately 250 words in English and a short bio. All formats are welcome: written articles, features, podcasts, videos, photos, interviews, creative fictions, etc.
• Contributions will be published in English and optionally in the author’s native language.
• Selected contributions will all be remunerated.

Watch the panels of reworks connekt

Fashion Revolution brings HOPE at Reworks Agora

Let us explore sustainability in fashion, innovation and sustainable materials through a prism of critical thinking, the role of technology in a transparent supply chain and suggestions from experts and designers on environmental challenges.

How ethical are the brands you are buying your clothes from? How can we prevent climate change through the way we dress?

The Future of Greek Cinema: Challenges, New Ideas & Good Practices

Are streaming platforms the future of cinema? What are the dangers and challenges of a festival? How are films made in a pandemic period?

Cinema is one of the entertainment industries that got bitten from the pandemic really heavily, one festival after another may be postponed or completely changed, but the inspiration and the appetite for creation can not stop the people of the field who are always available to offer and interact.

From Cinobo with Daphne Bechtsi, at the Drama Festival with Giannis Sakaridis to the experienced point of view of the producer and director Elina Psykou.

Democratizing Cities – Shaping urban daily life with civic participation: the role of middle-bottom-up initiatives

The “Democratic City” has been a much-discussed notion internationally, especially in the last decade. It can be viewed from different, yet interconnected, angles: social, economical, cultural and of course political. It has been tightly connected to the power that cities -should- gain to manage their own decision-making and management independence in relation to the central state, based on their local assets, needs and resources.

The “Democratic City” develops upon just, transparent, efficient and effective, responsible, inclusive and enabling governance models and systems. Respectively, civic participation plays a huge role in this City, and can be approached from three dimensions: the top-down, where we find the formal and institutional streams of participation in decision making and governance, the bottom-up, which includes informal and activistic movements of participation, and the middle one, which consists of organised structures, such as non-profit organisations, the private sector and other collaborative initiatives, that could hold the role of facilitating the dialogue between the top and bottom.

This middle layer seems to enable and provide the platform for urban dwellers to participate in the formation of their urban daily life. Either via non-formal education, culture, environmental awareness, community building, design and systems thinking, placemaking or other forms of activation and engagement, these initiatives play an important role in the development of a culture of civic participation.

In our panel discussion we host representatives of four such initiatives from Thessaloniki, dealing with a variety of thematic fields and representing different forms of organisation.

In their dialogue they reflect upon their approach and experience of enabling participation, social interaction and the sense of collectivity, while touching upon the role of urban governance.

A message from reworks & reworks agora


Following our last announcement first and foremost we would like to thank you for your patience and continued support. 

During all past periods, we have closely followed each development of the Covid-19 virus and their consequent countermeasures. As a festival, we had to face multiple challenges in the past years, from establishing an electronic music festival in Greece, to the 10 year economic crisis that the country has suffered. All this time these challenges have made us stronger, and further strengthen our philosophy which stands for the contribution of culture to society. 16 years later reworks is still here.  Constantly active, without any pause, something that makes it the longest living festival of its kind in Greece.

Given the current situation we have worked intensively redesigning the festival over and over, following all the instructions of the health experts and taking all the necessary precautions set from the authorities.  Unfortunately, with the latest developments any physical activity is not possible at the moment. 

What does this mean for this year’s festival?

The good news is that in the meantime we have also designed an online edition of reworks & reworks agora. Let us introduce you to reworks connekt.

Reworks connekt is the digital platform of reworks & reworks agora. It will present  music performances, dj sets, discussion panels and Q&As which we’ll all have the chance to watch online together free of charge.



What about the line up?

The synthesis of the line up remains unchanged in regards to our principles. Renowned and upcoming artists from the international and domestic scene will present their work at reworks connekt through exciting performances.

While we will try to enhance some talks and discussion presenting speakers and personalities  from the fields of culture, entrepreneurship, science and technology.

Line up and full schedule of reworks connekt will be announced soon.

What about the tickets of reworks and reworks agora 2020?

Ticket owners can either transfer their tickets to next year’s edition of  reworks & reworks agora in 2021 or they can request a refund by contacting the ticket provider.  We will announce all details in regards to ticket transfer and refunds very soon. 

We are not alone.

In this unprecedent difficult period we are trully grateful for your confidence and support. This has been the driving force for us to continue this year and not canceling the festival something that unfortunately has happened with almost every independent festival in Greece. We would also like to thank all the artists and speakers for their support and patience during all this period. In this first edition of reworks connekt we are not alone. We look forward having all of you, our fellow reworkers together with us, in one unique stage this time. The digital stage of reworks connekt. 

Stay Safe and we look forward virtually seeing you all in September. 

reworks & reworks agora connects Thessaloniki with 3 European cities & their festivals


On our announcement a few days ago, we stated our will to remain active in this crucial period supporting the music community as well as other communities as we have been doing for the past 15 years in Greece. We would like to thank you sincerely for your positive feedback and support which is really important to us at this moment.

Today we are happy to announce our first synergy regarding reworks agora & reworks this September.

Reworks & reworks agora are pleased to announce their co-operation with festivals & conferences Sonar+D (Barcelona, Spain), TodaysArt (Hague, Netherlands) and Unsound (Krakow, Poland) our partners in the We Are Europe co-operation program, with whom we are working together on activities that will be revealed soon. In this period of isolation, our goal is to bring festivals, audiences, artists, scientists, activists, people from different communities and countries together. Reworks, reworks agora, Thessaloniki and Greece will be present.

More information will be announced soon.

Stay safe and active

reworks / reworks agora

A message from reworks & reworks agora 

2020 embarked one of the most unprecedented crisis in the recent history. Basic principles are suddenly questioned, while the recent developments leave no one unaffected, almost in any sector. In Greece, the COVID-19 crisis follows a 10 year economic recession which exhausted the majority of its people not only economically but also socially. For some this may be the ultimate hit.
The next day finds us together with thousands of fellow citizens deeply concerned about the future.  Uncertainty is evident and severe also in the cultural and artistic sector, with the majority of events being either canceled or postponed to the next year.
We have decided at reworks & reworks agora that during these times of fear and uncertainty we will remain active.  Supporting  the music community and other communities as we did  for the past 16 years. Continuing to do so, as we did even on the toughest and darkest periods of the Greek recession despite all challenges, with social and cultural responsibility. For us the necessity to act now, supporting artists, encouraging new visions and horizons is more important than ever.  Being positive. With hope.
Hope for  creativity, positive thinking, looking towards a better future. This is what we will work on and try to showcase through various activities that will be announced soon.

Listen to reworks agora playlist

Over the last years, we had the privilege to host at Reworks Agora & Reworks Festival, some of the most renowned artists and geniuses of the Modern Classical and Contemporary Jazz scene.

We curated this playlist included selections from Max Richter, Grandbrothers, Hauschka, Federico Albanese, Matthew Halsall, Peter Broderick, Lambert, Mammal Hands, Sunda Arc and more.

We hope you’ll enjoy this as much as we did.

You can find more playlists here.

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