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Reworks announces 2020 dates and Early Bird tickets


From experimental sound and modern classical music to contemporary dance electronic, from the performances of established artists to the first shows of new and emerging talents, reworks is aiming to give – from 17 to 20 September 2020 – 4 days and nights full of joy,
music, opinion sharing, thinking and dance. Musical styles, live concerts, workshops, talks, free events are presented every year, transforming Thessaloniki into a meeting place for music and culture enthusiasts from all over the world to Greece. The first acts of reworks’ 16th edition will be announced soon.

Reworks also announces the limited release of Early Bird tickets, availalble here and at Public stores everywhere across Greece.

Insomnia Festival invites Reworks & Reworks Agora

We are Europe is going to close another year, as usual, by stopping by Insomnia festival in Tromsø, Norway.

Arctic event Insomnia invites in 2019 Elevate festival from Graz, Austria, as well as its farest partner within We are Europe: Reworks festival from Thessaloniki, Greece.

For its 18th edition, taking place at the end of the month, the We are Europe programme at Insomnia 2019 will offer a perfect mix of European, African, Canadian sounds while discussing dangers of our digital world. Tromsø might be known for its northern lights, this month, it will be famous for the stars Insomnia is going to host.

The first ones are rising artists from the 64 Faces of We are Europe. Coming from the northern hemisphere, Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Gidke and American writer, performer, artist and dj Juliana Huxtable will deliver experimental and unique performances. Coming from the other hemisphere, Kampala-based Nihiloxica band and fashion designer, filmmaker and dj Hibotep will bring live and dj acts mixing powerful drums, techno trap and dancehall. Norwegian artist and journalist Máret Ánne Sara will also present her Pile o’Sápmi installation, made from reindeer skulls.

Together with Elevate Festival , Insomnia has curated electronica superstar producer and Coldplay and Brian Eno collaborator Jon Hopkins as well as Angolan producer Nazar and his rough kuduro.

With Reworks, Insomnia has invited contemporary ambient icon Tim Hecker who will performed his textured last album Konoyo.

When it comes to Insomnia Insights, Insomnia discussion and debate programme, Elevate and Reworks Agora have teamed up to curate two panels approaching the digital world and its risks. A first discussion titled “Dangerous and Digital – The Hate that Controls the World” and moderated by Daniel Erlacher from Elevate will welcome Katharina Nocun and Manuel Beltran as well as Greek Iliana Papangeli . The second panel, “Digital Democracy – Dangerous E-Voting vs. Powerful Innovation to Collaborate” will also host Nocun but, this time, alongside Russian Ksenia Ermoshina, Greek Stefanos Loukopoulos and Norwegian Hilde Bjørnå as a moderator and will approach decision making and risks of online voting.

To stay updated with more We are Europe events, please check here.

Venue change announcement for opening day

Due to severe weather in the forecast tomorrow after 9pm with prediction for rain and thurderstorms, reworks day 1 has been moved to an indoor venue.

New location will be FIX main building on the west side of Thessaloniki (26is Oktovriou 15, Fix Area).

All previously purchased tickets will be honored at the door.

Tickets for this day sold out.

How to get there
Bus line no: 31, 40, 40Α, 40Κ


19.30 – 20.30 Andreas Athineos
20.30 – 22.00 Mathame
22.00 – end Solomun

16 new additions to reworks line up

reworks  announces the addition of 16 exciting acts for 2019.


Reworks will present the new Jazz scene of Northern England. Having already announced Manchester based, DJ, bandleader, owner of one of the brilliant Gondwana records and trumpeter Matthew Halsall, reworks adds Mammal Hands and Sunda Arc to its programming.

Mammal Hands

Captivating, ethereal and majestic, Mammal Hands are driven by their unique line-up of drums, piano and saxophone. Their hypnotic music draws on a rich well of influences from Sufi trance and West African music to folk music, contemporary classical, spiritual jazz and electronica to produce something uniquely their own.

Sunda Arc

Integrating electronic elements and experimentation with the expressiveness and energy of acoustic instruments and live performance, Sunda Arc channel their love of electronic and dance music, without losing any of their deep musicality.


Mixmaster Morris

Known in the music industry as a DJ’s DJ, Mixmaster Morris is one of dance music’s most beloved figures. A true underground legend, Morris has played in over fifty countries at clubs, venues and events of all sizes, making regular appearances at countless festivals worldwide.



have released their work on the hottest labels in the electronic music scene and gained support from the likes of Âme, Dixon, Tale Of Us and many more. Not restrained or bound by conventions, Innellea’s visions and impressions are visibly transferred into their music. 


Bill Kouligas

Dj, designer and musician, Berlin-based Bill Kouligas is the founder of PAN, one of the most exciting & critically acclaimed labels for experimental & electronic music. He has the rare privilege of being able to say he has never put out an uninteresting record. 

Jay Glass Dubs

One of the most prolific figures in today’s electronic music landscape arrives at reworks’ 15th edition. Jay Glass Dubs is an exercise of style focusing on a counter-factual historical approach of dub music, stripped down to its basic drum/bass/vox/effects form.


is one of the most respectable musical talents of Greece with extensive touring around the world and presence at infamous clubs such as Fabric and Panorama Bar. Whether it’s house or techno, melodic or organic, percussive grooves, or rough and edgy snares, one thing is certain: whether on deck live or playing records, AND.ID delivers. 


Multifaceted artists both, they have managed to preserve their house and techno roots and imbue them into a masterful blend of sounds which immediately captivate the heart of the dancefloor, the sound of RITU. Dreamy pads, mellifluous drums, mind-expanding synths through a dark intense atmosphere striding across, stamp their sets and productions. It is a time to embrace. Embrace RITU at reworks.


Dynamons is co-founder of the Greek label Echovolt and Into The Light Records. His dj sets are elegantly rooted in classic and leftfield dance music approaches with a modern and contemporary twist.

George Adi

George Adi, one of the most renowned techno figures in Greece.

Thomas Numan

Thomas has been building his record collection since 2002 and insists on doing vinyl only sets. These sets do not have labels or limitations, but a characteristic aesthetic and feeling focused on the dance floor.

Teo Mavropoulos 

Teo Mavropoulos
from The Gathering Festival

Not Now 

George Next and Radio etc from the Not Now ensemble.


Unickue, co-founder of the music collective “It’s Raw!”


We are also happy to welcome to reworks, dj and producer,


Check the line up so far and get your reworks pass today.

Peggy Gou at reworks 2019

Reworks is happy to announce, the addition of one of the most in demand DJs today to its programming, on Friday September 20th.

Peggy Gou at Reworks Festival 2019




As The Guardian succesfully  stated “ask clubbers from Berlin to Bali which DJ is poised for global domination and they’ll tell you: Peggy Gou.  “ . With a diverse range of inspirations her productions immediately garnered attention for the maturity of their sound coupled with an uncanny ability to create instantly accessible  records to dance to.

Providing the sound of 2018,  the singular South Korean artist and DJ sensation, Peggy Gou, is enchanting dance-floors across the globe. “It makes you forget (Itgehane)” on Ninja Tune was one every list of the tracks of 2018, following a DJ Kicks compilation which showcased her quality taste. Peggy skyrocketed. Her own label Gudu is here, while she is about to launch her own fashion line.  

Her DJ sets balance between house, techno, experimental, disco, classic house and funk winning crowds all over the place. The combination of her own profoundly groove-led musical output partnered with her passion and flair in the DJ booth playing week in, week out  – from Glastonbury Festival to Panorama bar, De School, and DC-10 – has won her fans in rapidly increasing numbers. 

One thing is for certain. Peggy Gou is here to stay and this is just the beginning. Reworks is happy to welcome for its first time one of the world’s most in demand DJs for its 15th edition.

More information in regards to her performance will be announced soon.


Stay tuned for the 3rd and final announcement of artists in the coming days.


15 new and exciting names added to Reworks 2019 line up

Having already announced  Solomun, Sven Väth, Ben Klock, Sam Paganini, GusGus, Apparat, Dubfire, Mind Against, KiNK, Kittin, Peter Broderick, Answer Code Request and more along with a range of Hellenic acts who will be presented, including Ison, Anna vs June, Tendts, Senka, Future Of Matter, and Symmetric, reworks brings together cutting-edge artists, whose music drives tomorrow’s trends.

The festival is delighted to announce 15 more additions to its programming for the 15th edition:


The overwhelming sound of Adriatique takes over this year’s reworks. The talented duo returns to reworks with their eclectic quality sound celebrating their debut LP on Afterlife.







Robert Hood needs little introduction. Founding member of the legendary group Underground Resistance as a ‘Minister Of Information’ with ‘Mad’ Mike Banks & Jeff Mills, his seminal works on Jeff Mill’s Axis and his very own M-Plant imprint paved the way for a wave of stripped-down dancefloor minimalism that directed much of techno’s path throughout the late Nineties till now.







The French Dj & composer Agoria is one of the most charismatic, contemporary artists/ creatives in France and one of the festival’s favorites. Having composed magnificent albums and music for the cinema returns to reworks after releasing his newest album “Drift”.







Words as melancholy and euphoria can describe ideally the soundscapes that made the talented Christian Löffler famous. His rare approach is shown in his compositions as well as in his performance. His three albums – the third was released some months ago- were praised by the critics and we expect another one by the end of the year. This will be his first performance in Thessaloniki.







Reworks will present the new Jazz scene of Northern England. As a start it welcomes one of the most important contemporary composers of Britain’s Jazz scene. Manchester based, DJ, bandleader, owner of one of the brilliant Gondwana records and trumpeter Matthew Halsall is one of the UK’s brightest talents.












Not many artists manage to create such a stir from their first appearances and make an impression. Mathame became widely known thanks to their distinctive productions for Afterlife, whose are an integral part now.








From the vibrant scene of Georgia and the established Bassiani, reworks welcomes for the first time in Greece, Newa. She is one of the most upcoming artists in the techno scene and the newest sign of Klockworks.









Aparde, Bartosz Kruczyński and G-Ha complete the international acts list, while, like every year, reworks will present the Greek contemporary music scene, with the second announcement including Hior, Ehohroma, Celestia, Annē, and Andreas Athineos.



List of the artists announced so far:


Solomun / Sven Väth / Ben Klock / Robert Hood / Apparat / GusGus / Adriatique / Sam Paganini / Dubfire / Agoria / Christian Löffler / Mind Against / Matthew Halsall / Kittin / KiNK / Mathame / Peter Broderick / Answer Code Request / Newa / Hior/ Ison / Anna vs June / Aparde /  G-Ha / Maurizio Schmitz / Tendts / Bartosz Kruczyński /  Ehohroma / Senka / Future Of Matter / Celestia / Annē / Symmetric / ArKI / Andreas Athineos 

Many more acts to be announced soon.


Single Day tickets are now available


The single-day tickets are now available.

You can get yours, at one of the“Public” shops network all over Greece and online, via

 If you want to enjoy the whole experience of reworks and reworks agora, you can obtain the reworks special pass, which gives you access to reworks agora on the 15th of September and to all the other festival days, from the 19th to the 22nd of September. 

You can it find here along with the reworks 3-day pass and all single-day tickets. 


Check here all the separate days and the artists that were added currently at the line-up

Reworks 2019: The locations & venues


From its very first day, Reworks Festival is here to  present the vast music spectrum of contemporary electronic music in Thessaloniki and Greece, as a lively part of the city by taking place in different sites, with a unique story to tell to her visitors. From the east side to the west of Thessaloniki, Reworks managed to bridge the gap of culture, neighbourhoods, habits, and break the stereotypes, having as a main purpose, above everything, music and her relation with the space. This decision, of evolving and expressing inside different places is a unique novelty for the Greek reality.



This year,  Reworks continues with this statement and with the celebration of its 15 years, keeps some of its favourite places but also adds one emblematic space, a distinctive part of Thessaloniki s skyline while returning back to its roots, to the place where it started and bloomed.


 The locations and venues of Reworks & Reworks Agora 2019


reworks agora  / 15.09.2019

Starting point of this year’s festival, is the Thessaloniki music Hall, where Reworks Agora will take place for the 4th time, Sunday the 15th of September. 

A forum of ideas and thoughts, part of the Reworks Festival aims to present the most innovative ideas and projects of the music industry, the digital culture, the creative economy and society, while presenting in its music  part, one of the most important musicians of contemporary classical music from the US, Peter Broderick who will introduce us to his own, magical music world



reworks /  19,20,21,22/09.2019

On September 19th, the heart of Reworks Festival beats in the centre of the city, in a unique place, the port. On the first day of the festival, the doc no1 becomes a meeting place for reworkers from all over the world, Greece and Thessaloniki, presenting solomun, one of the top names of the current electronic music scene, alongside a group of artists worth noticing. 

On Friday 21 and Saturday 22, Reworks will come together with old and young friends at a really emotional place, where it was born and where it presented through the years hundreds of artists, a place where it evolved and felt loved, offering many experiences and thrilling moments to all of us. 

Mylos complex will bring back memories from the previous editions, with 7 stages and the wide spectrum of contemporary music. 

Future Pop, House, Techno, Jazz, Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient and other genres will be presented with the help of more than 40 artists in 2 nights at one of the most loved and nostalgic spots of the city.



On Sunday, the 22nd of September, our derive on the West Side of Thessaloniki will eventually bring us to the met hotel and its wonderful rooftop with a 360 view of the city, where Reworks will declare its finale in the best way possible, by dancing with an amazing view, renewing the date for the next year.



Reworks is evolving, spreads and offers a unique and complete festive cultural experience in the city of Thessaloniki for 15 years in a row. 

It hosts the protagonists of contemporary music, gives voice to new artists, empowers local artists promoting them and opens the way for them to be presented, connected and collaborative and presents the most interesting acts that the contemporary electronic music has to show for the present year. 

The date is set! September in Thessaloniki is expected to be exciting!


Reworks Special Pass: Tier 2 is running low

Reworks Special pass gives you access to Reworks Agora on September 15th and all days of Reworks Festival from 19 to 22 of September.

More than 90% of Reworks Special Pass – Tier 2 is sold out.

Get yours now.

The last small batch of Tier 3 priced tickets are available when the Tier 2 is sold out.

The discussion panels of European Lab 2019 curated by Reworks Agora

Reworks Agora visits Lyon and European Lab, the forum of Nuits Sonores for the second time in three years.

Reworks’ forum of ideas will curate dicussion panels in major topics of today’s society in Europe. Below you will find details on its content and speakers:







Not just European elections, but also local elections (Spain, Greece), regional elections (Belgium) and presidential elections (Lithuania). And all in the shadow of Brexit. The events of late-May 2019 have the potential to turn Europe’s political landscape upside-down. To understand the different impact that the results may have across Europe, from Brussels to the Balkans, European Lab will invite representatives from new European media outlets such as The Press Project in Athens and Political Critique in Warsaw to compare their notes on the shockwaves that are about to be felt throughout the continent.


Despina Trivolis
Miguel Mora
Agnieszka Wisniewska





Recently nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize, the data architects at Forensic Architecture have developed new investigative methods that simultaneously draw on art, cutting-edge technology, topography and architecture. Founded in 2001, this team of activists are reinventing the art of investigation, including by reconstructing crime scenes in order to defend human rights and to bring the abusive actions of certain States to light. In 2018, they uncovered the involvement of the Greek police in the murder of Pávlos Fýssas. A rapper on the alternative hip-hop scene in Athens and an anti-fascist militant, Pávlos was murdered on 18 September 2013 in Keratsíni, in the suburbs of the Greek capital.

The authorities were quick to accuse neo-nazi political party Golden Dawn, imprisoning several of its members in relation to the crime. However, Forensic Architecture pursued the inquiry by meticulously synchronising and timestamping all the audio and visual materials that had been presented before the court (including radio recordings, video footage and witness statements). By doing so, they were able to demonstrate the passivity of the police in allowing a murder to take place that could have been avoided. Through a case study of the Pávlos Fýssas investigation, and thanks to contributions from other anti-Golden Dawn activists, this sequence aims to shed light on the pioneering investigative methods employed by Forensic Architecture.


Despina Trivolis
Electra Alexandropoulou
Stefanos Levidis




At a time when we are constantly facing challenges concerning the environment, inequality and migration, what role do creative actors have to play in mobilising greater awareness? Across the full range of artistic disciplines, it is often directors, photographers and artists that are found on the front line fighting for these causes, using immersive methods of storytelling to sound the alarm and call for solidarity. Anthropologist-photographer Stratis Vogiatzis has demonstrated as much with Caravan Project, in which he documents a Greece in the throes of crisis. Meanwhile, in his faux-documentary Please Love Austria!, award-winning Austrian director Paul Poet uses cinema to condemn the irrepressible rise of the far right in his country since the start of the 2000s. But nowhere does this phenomenon – whereby narrative forms are reinvented to denounce, accuse, shed light and make a political and social impact – manifest itself more overtly than in the use of virtual reality. Look no further than director Michael Kolchesky, who experiments with the new possibilities offered by this technology in her documentaries and by helping others to develop their VR projects, pushing for the educations side…. and awareness of the global change.


Argyro Barata
Paul Poet
Stratis Vogiatzis
Michael Kolchesky

First 20 acts announced for Reworks Festival 2019

As we are getting closer to September, we are happy to share with you first bunch of artists who will perform at the 15th edition of Reworks Festival.


First 20 artists announced 

Solomun has a leading role in redefining the contemporary house music with productions, remixes and sets that skillfully add on the basis of the genre, a modern and pioneering twist. His name has become synonymous with evolution in modern electronic music and his appearances are sold out wherever it may be.

Sven Väth is quite simply unique. A legend in his own lifetime with a commitment and passion that has influenced the advance and evolution of electronic music. The most charismatic DJ of his generation is more vital and relevant than ever. Utterly professional, utterly unpredictable.

Owner of  the label Klockworks and resident since 2004 at the famous Berlin club, Berghain, Ben Klock is one of the most iconic figures in Techno’s history.  His name is synonymous with the definition of modern and classical Techno. One of the most beloved acts in Reworks history returns to Thessaloniki.

GusGus is one of the most sought after electronic acts out of Iceland, with a career spanning for over 20 years, they have managed to stay relevant in the current electronic music scene.

Apparat – one of the defining protagonists of electronic music – is coming to Reworks this year, following the release of his new album in 2019, his first one since 2013’s Krieg und Frieden (Music for Theatre).

Dubfire is an artist whose drive, talent and intuition have placed him within the top tier of electronic artists. Constantly evolving, he is in a forward-thinking class of his own.

Two of the most popular and pioneering forces in techno today, Mind Against and Sam Paganini.

Three years ago, KiNK delivered an impressive five-hour live set knowing the apotheosis. Last year he accomplished one more mini-marathon performance than ended up with a spontaneous b2b2b with Ison and Flooder while the next day he was our secret guest in the closing day of Reworks. We are looking forward to admire KiNK in his third appearance at the 15th edition of Reworks.





Kittin returns to Reworks celebrating with us the 15th edition!

Modern classical music has this year’s honorary place in Reworks program, specifically in the musical part of Reworks Agora, the forum of ideas and thoughts of the festival. The American musician and singer, Peter Broderick, one of the most renowned musicians of our century, will give a unique concert on September 15th.

At the same time, as every year, artists from all over Greece will be hosted, genuine representatives of all currents of modern music in our country.

Here is the complete list of the first artists announcement:

Anna vs June / Answer Code Request / ArKI / Apparat / Ben Klock / Dubfire / Future Of Matter / GusGus / Ison / KiNK / Kittin / Maurizio Schmitz / Mind Against / Peter Broderick / Sam Paganini / Senka / Solomun / Sven Väth / Symmetric / Tendts

Many more artists to announced soon

Click here for tickets.

We Are Europe embarks on it’s next 3 year journey


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2019-2021: We are Europe, act 2

We Are Europe is embarking on a new 3-year cycle (2019-2021) under the auspices of the Creative Europe programme. Having presented 24 events over the course of the last 3 years, inviting 255 artists and 245 speakers to appear in front of more than a million people in 8 countries, We Are Europe is ready to write a new chapter in its history.

The 8 artistic teams that make up We Are Europe have come together once more, this time to choose its fine selection of 64 personalities from across Europe. The selection of these cultural figures will play a central role in shaping the project’s activities in 2019, in Europe and beyond.

We are 8 European partners
We Are Europe is a unique and innovative cooperation project, aiming to group together and develop synergies between 8 European cultural structures spread throughout the continent, each of which organises both a contemporary music festival and a forum addressing wider issues relating to the evolution and future of culture, particularly in the field of creativity. These 8 tandem festival-forums – vehicles for projects and ideas; major players in the fields of electronic, independent, digital and contemporary culture – are key components of the European cultural scene. They espouse the common values of cultural and social open-mindedness, artistic implacability, an unwavering commitment to youth, innovation and the emergence of new talent, and the mobility of audiences, ideas and artists. They have been working together for 3 years, co-curating and collaborating on the line-ups for festivals and forums, and thereby laying the foundations for a new community of cultural actors in Europe: open and progressive, motivated by the desire to inject our shared journey with fresh meaning, and to defend a positive image of Europe.
For this new 3-year cycle, We Are Europe welcomes a new partner onboard : Unsound and Unsound Discourse, from the Polish city of Krakow.
The 8 partners who will write this next chapter in the We Are Europe story are as follows:
— the c/o pop Festival and c/o pop Convention forum in Cologne, Germany
— the Unsound festival and Unsound Discourse forum in Krakow, Poland
— the Elevate festival and Discourse & Activism forum in Graz, Austria
— the Insomnia Festival and Insomnia Insights forum in Tromsø, Norway
— the Nuits Sonores festival and European Lab Camp forum in Lyon, France
— the Reworks festival and Reworks Agora forum in Thessaloniki, Greece
— the Sónar festival and Sónar+D forum in Barcelona, Spain
— the TodaysArt festival and TodaysArt Context forum in The Hague, Netherlands
They are 2019’s 64 faces
This selection has been realized collectively by the programmers and curators of these 8 major European events, in order to deliver the best of the European cultural scene. They are artists, journalists, designers, researchers… Be inspired as we are by this next generation!
We are Europe’s 2019 season
Elevate music, arts & political discourse: 27 February—3 March 2019
c/o pop Festival and c/o pop Convention: 1—5 May 2019
Nuits Sonores and European Lab Camp: 28 May—2 June 2019
Sónar and Sónar+D: 18—20 July 2019
Reworks 19—22 September 2019 and Reworks Agora: 15 September 2019
TodaysArt and TodaysArt Context: 20—22 September 2019
Unsound and Unsound Discourse: 6—13 October 2019
Insomnia and Insomnia Insights: 24—26 October 2019
“The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement
of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot
be held responsible
for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.”


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