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Blockchain: Grassroots initiatives for democracy

A courtesy of Dukakis Center for Democracy and the Thessaloniki US Consulate for Reworks Agora.

There’s a small but growing alliance of public servants, technologists, and concerned citizens who recognize the fundamental threat to our democracy if we continue to let the machinery of government decay, without doing something about it. Engagement at the local level can seem like a mystery but during this speech we will get familiarized with multiple examples around the world that by using the blockchain technology and local cryprocurrencies develop citizen-centered practices that disrupt the status quo and stand up for a strong, open and dynamic democracy.

Keynote Speech: Victoria Alcina Burgues – Υπότροφος, Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government at the Harvard Kennedy School

QnA Session: Aphrodite Bouikidis – Thessaloniki Resilient City


Click here to see the full schedule and speakers of Reworks Agora 2018.

Music Festivals: voice amplifiers that unite us

A panel discussion at Reworks Agora 2018.

Music festivals are about building a community and bringing people together. They are able via different type of international platforms to travel and promote the ideas that represent faster than ever before.

International editions of music and discourse gathering formats are becoming the engine for the development of the cultural industry, by connecting new exciting audiences and facilitating artists in introducing their creativity.

This panel discussion focuses on visionary global approaches to internationalize ideas and artists through music festivals.


JESLER AMARINS – Conference Curator at Amsterdam Dance Event
RALPH H. CHRISTOPH – Co-Founder of c/o pop Festival
OLOF VAN WINDEN – Director & Founder of TodaysArt Festival
ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΟΣ ΔΙΟΛΑΤΖΗΣ – Co-founder and Music Director of Reworks Festival

ANTÒNIA FOLGUERA – Content Curator at Sónar+D

BBC: music experiences, a view from the future

A discussion panel by Reworks Agora.

The BBC has a strong tradition of creativity and innovation in its use of technology, from its inception up until the present day. The Research and Development department is at the forefront of this work, producing world leading work in a number of areas, from broadcast technology through VR and AR to interactive musical experiences for voice devices. Through a presentation of the previous work and methods, Tim Cowlishaw will outline the ways in which creativity, diversity and general weirdness can be used to imagine and build just, inclusive, and fun future technologies.

Sunday, September 16 at Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Ticket Prices: Reworks Agora + Grandbrothers w/ Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra: Κανονικό 10€ / Μειωμένο ( Φοιτητικό-Μαθητικό / κάρτα ανέργων) 5€.

Ableton Live Demonstration at Reworks Agora by AND.ID

Ableton Live Demonstration by AND.ID

Music producer AND.ID will perform a special live set using Ableton Live and Push at Reworks Agora 2018.

This includes Live, a software that combines traditional studio technology with the freedom to work without timeline and hardware, Push, a tool that lets the musician play and compose with Live and Link. Get to know the most popular and influential products in the production of contemporary electronic music.

Reworks adds Kuniyuki to its 2018 line up

Kuniyuki is no doubt one of Japan’s best kept secrets. His unique musical sense can be described as borderless, and he has been highly praised by producers and DJs from all over the world. Joe Claussell, Dego, DJ Cosmo, Jimpster to name but a few, have been falling over themselves when they heard his produced tracks. Now, some of them have been releasing his works through their own labels.

In recent years, he has performed not only in Japan but abroad, as well,  in Europe, South Africa and elsewhere, where his particular live style has featured a powerful combination of improvisation and dance music. Check out the ever-consistent and surprisingly prolific producer out of Sapporo, Kuniyuki Takahashi at Reworks on September 20th.

Reworks is selected on Resident Advisor list of its favourite festivals for September

Resident Advisor has included Reworks on its list of the Top Ten September 2018 Festivals in the World. An important recognition for Reworks as that this year the festival completes 14 years of steadily rising presence.

RA reported:

“It’s hard to get to the top. It’s even harder to stay there. The team behind Reworks, Greece’s best-loved dance music festival, knows this well, having steered their event through some of the most trying economic conditions imaginable during its 14-year lifetime.”

Read the full article, here.

Having already announced Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Maceo Plex, Daphni, Matthew Herbert, Body & Soul, KiNK, Agoria, Kiasmos DJ, Rival Consoles, Recondite, Mano Le Tough and Bjarki, among others, once again this year, Reworks compiles a programming with a global approach to sound and acts that range from the legendary to the award winning and the up-and-coming.

Choose among individual tickets or ticket packages, here.

13 new and exciting names added to Reworks 2018 line up

Having already announced Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Maceo Plex, Daphni, Body & Soul (Francois K, Danny Krivit, Joe Clausell), KiNK, Agoria, Kiasmos DJ, Rival Consoles, Recondite, Mano Le Tough and Michael Mayer, among others, Reworks compiles a programming with a global approach to sound and acts that range from the legendary to the award winning and the up-and-coming.

Reworks is excited to add to this September’s line up, Matthew Herbert, Francois X, Kangding Ray, Bjarki, Inga Mauer, Guy Andrews, Kerala Dust, Charlotte Bendiks, Viken Arman, Volkova, Paul Anthonee and Hill Of Vision, putting some additional touches on a deftly curated blend. More acts tba soon.

  • Tireless, innovative, sampling wizard, trained pianist, producer and writer, Matthew Herbert is one of the most versatile and prolific artists of our time. Known for a wide range of innovative projects, from numerous albums to music for movies, theater, television and radio. He shaped the British approach to the Minimalism using his aesthetics, while designing its connection with House. One of the most important geniuses of recent decades will perform for the first time at Reworks 2018.

  • Sicne the beginning of his career, Redshape developed his own individual view on modern dance music and set to leave a mark in techno. Within a club context, he showcases his unique sound aesthetic as part of his highly energetic and ever-changing live performances which are always a result of pure musical improvisation.


  • Francois X is a key protagonist within Paris’ underground scene. The irresistible blend techno that has been portrayed in his productions over the past decade has established himself as one of France’s leading representatives in the area of techno.

  • Few musicians manage to explore the convergence between techno and experimentalism as successfully as Kangding Ray. His sound tests boundaries, evolving tirelessly in its exploration of texture, rhythm, and sound design. His output reflects an expansive musical background, evidenced in his particular, meticulous way of marrying atmospheric soundscapes with slowly evolving rhythms.

  • Bjarki is one of the most exciting names that have emerged in recent years’ techno scene. His music – with clear influences from Aphex Twin – is full of inventions, and surprises full of energy. With his releases Bjarki has placed himself firmly leading the pack of international artists who in the past few years have taken a hauntoloical approach to re-moulding the scents of breakbeat, rave, jungle and IDM into sounds that are entirely their own.

  • Coming to us from St. Petersburg Russia, new kid on the block Inga Mauer is gaining attention of the scene. Her music is pure magical joy served from a place of love and knowledge, a seductive mix of atmospheres and dark emotions which flirt with a wide range of genres like Industrial Techno, EBM and New Wave.

  • Kerala Dust seek to bridge that divide between electronic music and traditional songwriting. Their music is very distinctive and very evocative of emotion. It’s cool, sophisticated, and deep. They come up with an art direction that underlines the minimalism and artistry that is reflected throughout their work.

  • Viken Arman is pushing the boundaries of electronic music towards the future, but also towards the past. Electronic beats are blended with ancient melodies. His music is engrained with ethnic influences, revealing the passionate explorer that he embodies.

  • Charlotte Bendiks’ sets, fuse classic house, disco, African groove, and Latin-inspired beats, focusing on sexy dance and body music. Reworks welcomes from Tromsø, one of Norway’s most important figures in electronic music.

  • Guy Andrews is a London based producer who is best known for creating textural electronic music, which combines an array of influences from post-rock, techno, ambient and afrobeat inspired genres. Having already released music on labels such as Erased Tapes and Houndstooth, Andrews is a much promising artist.


  • The Hellenic Electronic Scene is presented vastly at Reworks adding three more names, presenting Volkova, a passionate techno representative, Paul Anthonee, established dj and producer with a numerous releases on major labels such as Suara, Lapsus etc. Hill Of Vision, an artist who takes the listener on a journey, a balance between music for the mind, and music for festival, forests and dance floor His sets and his productions are usually defined by the deeper side of the spectrum of techno.


Reworks 2018 line up as of today:

Nina Kraviz, Richie Hawtin, Laurent Garnier, Maceo Plex, Caribou aka Daphni,
Body & Soul w/ François Kevorkian, Danny Krivit, Joe Clausell, Matthew Herbert,
, Agoria, Recondite, Kiasmos DJ, Grandbrothers, Rival Consoles, Redshape,
Bjarki, Mano Le Tough, Michael Mayer, Francois X, Alinka, Tijana T, Blond:ish,
Kerala Dust, Kangding Ray, Inga Mauer, Guy Andrews, Charlotte Bendiks,
Viken Arman, Territroy, Sworr, Ison, Tendts, Future Of Matter, Andreas Athineos,
ArKI, Pollux Rose, Hill Of Vision, Paul Anthonee, Volkova

+ more TBA

Reworks adds Matthew Herbert to its 2018 line up

Reworks proudly presents Matthew Herbert, a pioneering, multifaceted and highly productive artist.

Tireless, innovative, sampling wizard, trained pianist, producer and writer, Matthew Herbert is one of the most versatile and prolific artists of our time. Recording and producing under various aliases, he is behind 26 albums, dozens of singles and collaborations with names like Serge Gainsbourg, Quincy Jones, R.E.M, Bjork, Roisin Murphy, Moloko, Roy Ayers and others.

He has a wide range of innovative projects, from numerous albums to music for movies, theater, television and radio. He shaped the British approach to the Minimalism using his aesthetics, while designing its connection with House. Sometimes as a DJ, sometimes with major orchestras – including his Big Band consisting of 18 instruments – he travels all over the world, from the Sydney Opera House to the Hollywood Bowl.

After two successful albums with his band, Herbert, is currently working on the next one that is a response to the British government and Brexit. It is a two year collaborative project right across Europe celebrating artistic and musical collaboration and communities across national borders. The album will be released in 2019 the same moment that Britain leaves the EU and includes sounds that anyone can upload online through the Brexit Sound Swap application. The purpose is to hear at the same time the sound contribution of up to 1000 people.

Herbert makes music from objects, instruments, custom made hardware, and even food. Bodily Functions’ album is included in the list of the best and most important albums in the history of electronic music.

One of the most important geniuses of recent decades is added to the line up of Reworks 2018.

Click here and secure your ticket now.

Reworks & Reworks Agora meet c/o pop Festival in Cologne

After two successful collaborations in 2016 and 2017, the Cologne-based event will host We are Europe programmes across its festival and its convention. By welcoming Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora, Nuits sonores & European Lab forum and Sónar & Sónar+D, c/o pop will make Cologne into a meeting point of the European scene.

On Thursday 30 August, European Lab forum and c/o pop Convention will explore together the current state of copyright through the angle of music quality, piracy, blockchain and the potential repression of creativity, featuring Claudia Schwarz, Cliff Fluet, Paul Pacifico and Turo Pekari.

The same day, Sónar+D and c/o pop Convention will question the future of AI and the way this technology can reshape or destroy the music industry. The panel will host Antònia Folguera, Dr. Òscar Celma, Inderjit Birdee and Rachel Falconer.

The next day (Friday 31), Reworks Agora, European Lab forum and c/o pop Convention have co-created a panel examining the politics of dancing, counterculture, ravers in Tbilisi and techno entering museums, with Anastasios Diolatzis, Christian Arndt, Katarina Serulus, Matthew Collin and Tobias Thomas.

Because you cannot discuss the politics of dancing if you don’t know how to dance, Sónar, Nuits sonores, Reworks and c/o pop Festival have also curated We are Europe night (Saturday 01 September) in one of the city’s most renowned club spaces: Gewölbe, where KiNK, Bawrut, Gilb’r and Ison will share the stage.

Daily tickets are now available

As we are approaching the 14th edition of Reworks Festival, we would like to inform you that daily tickets are now available.

Choose among the new ticket categories of Reworks including separate tickets for Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 of September for the closing party at the Met Hotel rooftop, here.

Reworks Special Pass (Reworks 3day package + Reworks Agora) and 2Day package are also available.

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