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The after movie of Reworks participation at Elevate Festival 2018

From February 28 to March 4, Reworks Festival and Reworks Agora travelled to Graz in order to curate part of the program at Elevate Festival 2018.  

Music stages with distinguished artists (DJ Koze, Roman Flügel, Federico Albanese and more), discussion panels which highlighted important issues, workshops and exhibitions that aroused the interest in an unforgettable five-day event. Within the frame of We Are Europe.

Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora welcome c/o pop

This year, Reworks further broadens its horizons and presents unique combined actions with major European festivals that will be hosted in its 14th edition, next September.

It is our great pleasure and honour to welcome to Thessaloniki c/o pop Festival from Cologne, Germany. A city with great tradition in cultural events, where magnificent trends of electronic music were born or spread through it, could only have a major festival that every year is at the forefront of the contemporary music movements.

15 years now, c/o pop is seeking for the next big thing of music industry, remaining fresh and clean as ever; searching for young soul rebels and the next Franz Ferdinand or Whitest Boy Alive which started their international careers at this festival.

From 20 to 23 of September 2018, c/o pop Festival will be in Thessaloniki, co-curating artists, music stages – at Reworks Festival – discussion panels and workshops at Reworks Agora on September 16, within the frame of We Are Europe.

PREWORKS Thessaloniki

It has become a tradition now for PREWORKS to officially mark the beginning of the countdown to the next edition of Reworks Festival. This year, Reworks Festival presents a Special Edition of PREWORKS at the Met Hotel, Thessaloniki, with distinguished guests.

Adam Beyer is set to return to Thessaloniki, this time to standout behind the decks on the highest rooftop in the city with a powerful evening performance. The boss of Drumcode, a label that has driven the evolution of techno for over two decades, has risen to become one of the biggest techno artists on the globe with huge DJ shows and an enormous string of high quality productions. Along with him will be a man whose name has become synonymous to the progress of electronic music in Greece, Ison. More acts will be announced soon.

From the fertile Swedish underground to the peak of global club culture, the reign of Adam Beyer continues to pull on the heartstrings of modern techno like few others of the time.

The DJ and producer based in Stockholm, has come to embody one of the most consistent and carefully constructed legacies to emerge from Europe and hold influence across the continents. From festival main stages and coveted club floors through to the global airwaves and Beatport charts alike, Beyer’s extended musical legacy is felt across the board.

We are ready for a Special Event by PREWORKS, while Adam Beyer and Ison put us in the mood for #reworks2018!

Pre-Sale is on via Ticketmaster and Germanos / Cosmote stores across the country.

Facebook Event

New additions to complete the Line Up of Reworks Festival 2017

International acts, popular and upcoming local artists fill up the musical schedule of Reworks Festival 2017.

Trikk, a new rising star of Innervisions, is about to give his first ever performance in Greece. The artist from Portugal was praised as a young talent and embraced by so many as the new star to look out for.

Steve Hauschildt is a veteran of the experimental music community, a former member of the Emeralds that had a powerful presence in ambient and minimal music for almost a decade. His latest album “Strands” was placed at No.7 among the best albums of 2016 according to FACT Mag.

A person which made a great contribution into music, technology and activism, Matt Black is half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut. Raj Pannu, one of the most upcoming selector djs, will be along with him.

Nino Santos & Lightem are two artists who consistently maintain the quality of their productions. Founders of Genial Records, well acknowledged experts in music  who focus on a big spectrum of tech house and techno.

Having already a exceptional presence in the techno area as the one half of Cassegrain, Alexandros Tsiridis, aka Rhyw, keeps finding a balance between dance-floor functionality and more left-field, experimental leanings.

As part of the Resound project, Nicola Regulus is going to present his new alias, Pollux Rose. The new project that includes a more ambient and experimental character combined with various electronic styles.

An experienced and acknowledged artist of electronic music, George Adi is one of the main figures of the local scene and a member of NON Aesthetics.

This year also, Reworks presents popular and upcoming local artists, Future of Matter, Symmetric, Eddoh, George Plakidis, Paul Anthonee, Sera J, Bobby Obsy and UnknownArtist.

Check full Line Up here.

Second day of Reworks Festival at Aigli Geni Hamam

Reworks Festival 2017 integrates for the first time to its program a beloved and special venue with historical importance for the city. Aigli Geni Hamam is the place where the second day of the festival will take place hosting popular local artists and really important names that will appear for the first time in Greece. The event will be entrance free.

A very important artist with great contribution to the contemporary music of our age will make his first appearance in Thessaloniki. Founder of the label Ninja Tune, half of legendary DJ duo and multimedia pop group Coldcut, Matt Black is one of the most efficient artists who never stopped innovating and contributing to the scene for almost three decades. He continues to gig, lecture, DJ, VJ, record, develop software and bridge the worlds of technology, club culture, art and activism. Along with him will be Raj Pannu, one of the best selector DJs and a fine ambassador of Ninja Tune around the world.

We also welcome Steve Hauschildt, a former member of the Emeralds that has a powerful presence in ambient and minimal music for more than a decade. His latest album “Strands” was placed at No.7 among the best albums of 2016 according to FACT Mag.

The above artists will join some of the most outstanding Greek artists, within the frame of the project Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki. Cayetano, a popular artist in Greece who has travelled all around the world performing as a DJ and a live act as well.

Nicola Regulus returns to Reworks presenting his new side project Pollux Rose. This project includes a more ambient and experimental character combined with various electronic styles.

Last but not least, the Tendts are going to give a special performance, few weeks after releasing their new EP, “It’s Everywhere” on Lower Parts. The popular duo is known for its ability to drift the audience to it’s multilayered musical universe, with alternate moods and soundcolors. Tendts are exploring the whole spectrum of electronic music, delivering unique productions that confirm their status as one of the best and well informed electronica acts in Greece.

Reworks Agora teams up with re:publica Thessaloniki

We are happy to announce our collaboration with re:publica Thessaloniki. Together, we will be co-curating a panel and offering you the chance to attend both conferences with a specially priced combo ticket.

Originally from Berlin, re:publica began in 2007 as a cosy blogger gathering and has since grown into the most exciting, wide-ranging society conference about the internet and digital culture in Europe. It brings people together from all over the world to discuss issues concerning the contemporary digital society. Bloggers meet with politicians, scientists with entrepreneurs, artists with activists.

In 2016, re:publica took its concept abroad for the first time – and successfully at that: More than 200 people turned up for re:publica Dublin. And this year re:publica will be heading to Thessaloniki for the first time! The Greek offshoot of the Berlin community conference will take place from 11 to 13 September. Following the second re:publica Dublin (7-8 September), the #rp crew will head from Europe’s Northwest to the Southeast. In total, the week will include over 100 hours of programme content, including talks, workshops, activities and parties, which you can find listed here.

Reworks Agora is happy to welcome re:publica Thessaloniki on-board as we take on this year’s theme of “2030: What’s next?”, where we’ll be focusing on future scenarios for helping shape our rapidly changing world, exploring trends and identifying risks and opportunities for a sustainable future through culture. At the same time, we’ll be examining the possibilities inherent to Europe as part of re:publica’s mission this year to “re:connect EUROPE”.

Apart from our joint session, we are also very excited to offer our audience the chance to attend both conferences with a specially priced combo ticket which gives access to re:publica Thessaloniki (11-13 September) and Reworks Agora (incl. all panels, screenings and the Hauschka concert).

Photo credit: re:publica/

Reworks among the best festivals in the world according to Resident Advisor

Resident Advisor has included Reworks on its list of the ten Best Festivals in the World on September 2017. An important recognition for Reworks as that this year the festival completes 13 years of steadily rising presence, establishing itself on the global festival map.

“Over the past few years, Reworks has been a steady presence in an unsteady country. A few thousand young people flock to Thessaloniki, the country’s second-largest city, for a five-night rave that, for more than a decade, has been its best-loved electronic music event. […} With warm weather, a friendly crowd and a relaxed atmosphere, it’s easy to see why Reworks remains a beacon of stability.”

Read the full article here.


Reworks adds FIX complex to its venues

Reworks turns a new page in its history by including FIX complex to its venues, for Saturday September the 16th.

The industrial complex of FIX brewing company in Thessaloniki was built in 1892 and exemplifies the industrial architecture of the 19th century. It is placed in the old industrial zone of the city and the total facilities are extended to 25 acres.

The increased capacity of the venue will begin a new chapter in the festival activities that are presented reinforced this year, featuring Paul Kalkbrenner, Dixon, Solomun, Ben Klock, Recondite, Ata Kak, Adriatique, Bicep, Motor City Drum Ensemble and Hauschka as headliners. A wide range of contemporary music is presented once again this year while many more acts will be announced soon.

Paul Kalkbrenner at Reworks 2017

With great pleasure Reworks announces the performance of Paul Kalkbrenner!

Berlin’s unique talent and one of the most recognised electronic artists all over the world, returns to Thessaloniki on Saturday, September 16th.

More details will be announced soon.

Ata Kak, Aleksi Perala and Hammer are among the new acts added to Reworks 2017

New acts have been added to the schedule of Reworks Festival 2017.  Ata Kak, Hammer, AND.ID, Aleksi Perala and Yodashe will be in Thessaloniki this September.

Ata Kak, the mysterious Ghanaian icon of electronic/rap/highlife who has succeed to perform in the biggest festivals around the world, after the re-release of his one and only album, “Obaa Simaa” via Awesome Tapes from Africa, Hammer one of the most prominent artists in UK along with Bicep and the prolific Aleksi Perala with his long list of discography and fresh material that will showcase during his performance at Reworks.

One of the most respectable talents in Greece, AND.ID, well known for his inimitable releases in Mobilee Records, the member of Red Bull Music Academy and Yodashe, who returns at Reworks, three year since her last appearance, are all going to perform at Reworks this year.

More acts will be announced soon.

Oscar nominated Hauschka to perform at Reworks Agora

A true pioneer on a musical instrument can be the one who gives new dimensions in it’s sound and new ways to interpret reaching the edges of his creativity.

Haushcka calls himself a “sound explorer” and he is right. Volker Bertelmann a.k.a. Hauschka, is clearly a man who knows his instrument – quite literally – inside out, and he’s as unafraid of approaching it with a fresh sensibility as he is capable of drawing upon an unusually broad church of influences.

Almost two decades after he began his professional career rapping, Volker Bertelmann aka HAUSCHKA finds himself in the unusual position of being regularly compared to the likes of Eric Satie, John Cage and Steve Reich.

Always unpredictable, HAUSCHKA continues to offer only one certainty: that the next step he takes will no doubt be as unexpected as the direction from which he has come.

We will all have the chance to listen to his work during his unique appearance in Reworks Agora in September 2017.

His last album, “What If” was released during 2017 and is overflowing with haunting melodies, mysterious sounds and complex patterns. Listen to the song “Familiar Things Disappear”:

The pre-sale for Reworks Agora is on:

Access to all discussions and screenings – 10 euros / 5 euros students/unemployment card.

Access to all dsicussions, screenings and Hauschka’s concert – 20 euros.

Reworks Festival among the best festivals in the world

Beehype published a list of the best festivals around the world, that will to stand out during the summer period for their music completeness and quality, as well as the thousands of visitors that are expected to attract. Reworks was one of them.
Beehype reported:

“After an intense brainstorming session among beehype contributors around the world, we have selected some of the best festivals that we are aware of that happen in the third quarter of the year (July, August and September).

You’ll find events of all kinds and sizes, but as always – what we appreciate most is the attention paid to local/regional music talents who remain outside the global circuit.

With over 900 artists who have played at the festival to date, it’s the biggest and most interesting music festival of North Greece since 2005.

It brings together contemporary culture and forward thinking music in an urban environment, presenting a broad spectrum of – mainly – electronic music. From house & techno to freestyle, neo-classical & jazz to disco, this year’s artists will be presented on 3 outdoor and 9 indoor stages.”

Reworks Festival 2017 presents Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki

What kind of a story do the sounds of a city tell about the city itself? To what extend the citizens of Thessaloniki have linked it with specific natural sounds? If Thessaloniki had a soundtrack how would that sound like?

Reworks Festival presents Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki a brand-new ambitious project supported by Thessaloniki Tourism Organization. Its aim is the creation of a soundtrack for the city based on natural sounds found on various spots around its urban landscape. Reworks announces an open call for music producers and musicians from Greece and abroad to a music dialogue. How? Through Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki!

The White Tower, the seafront of Thessaloniki, the Byzantine walls, Kapani market and Modiano market are some of the spots that will offer the first musical material to Resound/Echos of Τhessaloniki. Natural sounds of those spots have been recorded by Tends transmitting the atmosphere of the place and are available online. Through the creative direction of Cayetano, Larry Gus, Tendts, and Ison, artists from all over Greece and abroad will re-create the sound of Thessaloniki.

Time to participate!

Download here the audio files and create your own proposal, track or remix. Send to with the subject “Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki”, your name (or nickname) and a link to download your track, which later will be uploaded to the project’s page on Soundcloud / Mixcloud.

The participant with the best composition, chosen by the jury, will have the chance to play at Reworks 2017 and participate as a judge in the next edition of Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki.

The application deadline is 27 of August 2017.  


More information:

Bicep (Live) at Reworks Festival 2017

We are very pleased to announce Bicep (Live) at the 13th edition of Reworks Festival, 13-17 September, for the first time as a live act.

The London-based duo, Belfast-born producers Matt McBriar and Andy Ferguson do not need any special recommendations. Bicep comes to Reworks Festival 2017 right at the prime of their career and just a few days after the release of their first album, available since September 1.

The impressive live show that we will see for the first time at this year’s Reworks Festival will be a powerful experience that with their fine musical choices, the depth of their discography and their sophisticated productions, manages to stir up the audience and create a sold out like this in London’s Underground Village, with tickets running out in just three minutes.

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