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Author: Nikos Giassakis

Reworks Festival 2022: 14 to 17 of September in Thessaloniki

The pioneering electronic and contemporary music festival returns from 14 to 17 of September 2022 in Thessaloniki


It’s time to celebrate again!

Since 2005, reworks festival has supported the existence and prospect of electronic music in Greece. Positioning Thessaloniki in the global music map, reworks acts as a domestic hub for electronic music and its connection to fellow other music genres.

So far, Reworks has presented the work of 1200 artists in its history. With 50% international, 50% domestic artistic programming, the festival has also been a platform of presenting established and emerging Greek artists focused on the area of electronic music and beyond. Their work is constantly promoted by the festival, offering the chance to showcase their talent.

The festival celebrates its 17th edition this September bringing together music lovers from all over the world, transforming Thessaloniki into a contemporary music-breathing city every September.

Reworks will bring together cutting-edge artists, whose music drives tomorrow’s trends, exciting upcoming acts but also returning favorites from prior editions that marked the history of the festival, will be present once again this year in the four-day schedule of Reworks Festival.


Reworks remained active during the two years pandemic

In 2020 we all faced unprecedented situations including lockdowns, the cancelation or significant restrictions of cultural events. Reworks managed to remain active introducing its first online edition through its online media platform, reworks connekt.

During the weekend of 26 & 27 September 2020, reworks connekt presented 14 music performances, 3 discussion panels, 2 interviews and 3 visual performances.

More than 1,8 million people from 52 countries joined at least one of the exclusive online activities including the highlight performances by Nina Kraviz, Dubfire, Patrice Bäumel, Christian Löffler, the first ever dj set at the top of The White Tower in Thessaloniki, video performances filmed in Japan, Spain, Norway etc. All videos are available via Reworks Festival official Youtube channel.

In 2021 the restrictions in Greece were a bit more loose but still present. Reworks presented a series of live concerts and dj sets at the marvelous historic location of Kyverneio/Palataki in Thessaloniki. The successful 4-day schedule showcased Reworks as the only contemporary music festival in Greece that ran with the presence of an audience that year, following the regulations and protocols set by the authorities for the prevention of Covid-19.


Reworks 2022 returns

This year Reworks returns with a full time schedule hosting the hottest sounds in electronic music and introducing fresh and upcoming musical trends on various locations of the city of Thessaloniki. From Wednesday 14th to the morning of Sunday 17th of September, Reworks aspires to be a meeting point for friends of electronic and contemporary music.


Stay tuned for the first wave of acts and more information!


The presale of Reworks Full Pass in special price has started.

With Reworks All Days Pass you have access to all Reworks days and nights including events with limited capacity.

See you in September in Thessaloniki, Greece!


Watch: Preworks After Movie

In 2022, we celebrate 17 years of  Reworks Festival in Thessaloniki. Preworks is the main pre-event of the season with a tremendous tradition in hosting some of the biggest acts around, from Black Coffee to Recondite and Adam Beyer. On July 6th, Preworks invited us to put on our best smile and dance in a unique open air event in the heart of the summer!

The event took place in the magnificent and historical location of Kivernio (Royal Palace). The much anticipated performance of ARTBAT was accompanied by ISON and SYMMETRIC creating a spectacular line up for the evening.

Video Credits:
Alexandros Oikonomidis
Chris Christodoulou

PREWORKS W/ ARTBAT | Ison | Symmetric

The countdown to Reworks Festival in September 2022 begins on Wednesday July 6th with PREWORKS!

Having hosted some of the biggest acts of electronic music, such as Black Coffee, Adam Beyer, Recondite etc in recent years, Preworks returns this July in Thessaloniki presenting one of the leading acts in Melodic Techno scene, ARTBAT.

In 2022, Reworks celebrates its 17th edition in Thessaloniki. Preworks invites us to put our best smile and dance in a unique open air event in the heart of the summer, on July 6th! The event will take place in the magnificent and historical location of Kivernio (Royal Palace). We start at 17:00.

The much anticipated performance of ARTBAT will be accompanied by ISON and SYMMETRIC creating a spectacular line up for the evening.




📅 Wednesday 6 July 2022

📍 Kivernio (Royal Palace)

🕔 17.00 – 23.30


Reworks Agora 2022 day 2: Tale of Us, Ison, Momery

Ahead of its 6th edition, Reworks Agora is evolving,  getting bigger and bigger with an ambition to inflate more inspiration to all of us, bringing more ideas and thoughts that set the foundations for a better tomorrow. It is also a big celebration. Reworks Agora 2022 marks the return to moments of joy, dance and all those things that we missed in recent years.

In this new era, reworks agora sets its starting point on the weekend of 14 & 15 May 2022 in Thessaloniki.

The conference schedule of reworks agora 2022 will take place at Ypsilon, on Saturday, May 14th, while the music schedule will start at the same place with a beautiful party and a great selection of international and local acts. One day later, reworks agora invites us to a magnificent afternoon event with special guests the pioneers of melodic techno, Tale of Us. Ison and Momery will join the Berlin based duo for an absolutely amazing show at the marvelous outside are of Kiverneio/Palataki in Eastern Thessaloniki.



Limited number of tickets is available now via Ticketmaster.


Watch: Grandbrothers live at reworks

reworks connekt presents Grandbrothers live at reworks 2021

A thrilling performance at the marvelous and historical location of Kivernio (Palataki) in Thessaloniki, broadcasting for the first time on Sunday, April 17th at 21:00 UTC+2




Grandbrothers are putting out some delightfully intriguing sounds that fuse jazz piano with electronic sounds, resulting in glorious, layered, uplifting sounds.

The open-minded German duo play a grand piano hooked up with electronics and machinery to create a unique orchestral sound.

Τhey wouldn’t necessarily describe their music in such simple terms. “It’s more a mix of jazz, classical, electronic, many different elements,” Sarp says. The pair have contrasting roles: trained jazz musician Sarp plays the piano while Vogel stands to one side, quietly shaping and sculpting the sound using software that he designed himself.

The first part of the software controls the hammers which hit the piano strings to change their sound. “It was a big moment when we first heard those hammers. I programmed a pattern, a repetitive pattern, and I just played it,” Vogel says. The second part of the software controls the live sampling of piano music. “The idea was to record a sound and play it back, again and again,” he says. The result was an experimental mixture of classical piano and modern electronica. “It’s a totally unique sound,” Sarp says.

The unique Grandbrothers performances reproduce the process by which the duet created the three albums that have been released so far. The unconventional set-up on stage creates the feeling that you are following an open heart surgery on a piano. No appearance is the same as the other.

The future of Europe in Thessaloniki

The future of Europe in Thessaloniki

“Citizens are discussing: Challenges, needs and initiatives regarding the environment and the future of work in Europe”


March 20th 2022 at Ypsilon, Thessaloniki, Greece

Since the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century, our lives have changed radically.

Crucial factors such as our health and financial stability were called into question, combined with climate change, which was and still is spreading rapidly.

The European Union tried from the outset to respond promptly and effectively to all changes. It has launched the Next Generation E.U. A recovery plan designed to enable the generation that will shape the future of Europe, to create the society it desires, on a solid foundation of five key pillars. A society that is fair, strong, healthy, digitally viable and greener.

In the challenges that Europe faces, we choose to actively participate. Therefore, we approach the current conditions as an opportunity to communicate, to discuss, to reflect but also to find solutions. One such solution is the Conference on the Future of Europe , an unprecedented process of direct and uninhibited citizen participation, during which citizens discuss and propose concrete answers to the questions that will guide our future. Prompted by the Conference, on March 20 at Ypsilon in Thessaloniki, we will discuss everything that is shaping the future of Europe. Two debates and a workshop will take place.

By selecting two important topics, climate change and the future of work in Europe, two corresponding discussions will be conducted about these matters, during which the guests will be directly involved. Moreover, citizens will start the dialogue around sustainability and the realistic depiction of everything that has been set as goals.

The events will start with a workshop for young journalists and will end with a lineup of Greek artists and Djs.



Media – Social Media Workshop for young journalists
13:30 – 14:45

Everything is Europe: How (and why) should you cover the European Parliament?

Why should a young journalist report on the European Parliament? What do they need to know in order to decode and accurately present what is happening in Europe? What are the challenges they must face and which are the tools at their disposal? How will they create attractive social media content?

In this workshop, Giannis Pantazopoulos and Timos Kouremenos professional journalists and social media experts share their secrets, experiences and techniques for properly reporting everything that happens in Europe and (should) be known, covering the most democratic institution of the European Union: the European Parliament. Topics, priorities, challenges, multimedia tools, as well as responsible and accurate coverage on issues that directly affect all European citizens.

Giannis Pantazopoulos – Journalist
Timos Kouremenos – Journalist

To attend the workshop you need to pre-register due to the limited number of seats. Book your seat here-


Discussion Panel 1
15:00 – 16:15

Climate change and Europe in 2030: Is there enough time to change the course?

In 2050, Europe aims to be a climate-neutral continent, giving prominence to the benefits of adopting green policies. However, small and steady steps are required to achieve this. The first goal, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 55%, is already set for 2030. Moreover, we should all be encouraged to change our habits, so that the temperature of our planet does not rise above 1.5 degrees Celsius. Is there enough time ahead of us or should decisions be even more radical and immediate?

Participating in the discussion are the Member of the European Parliament Maria Spyraki,  representative of the organization Enaleia Nikos Therapos and the founder of ALittle Shelter Katrina Tsantali.

The discussion is moderated by journalist Dora Anagnostopoulou.

Moredation: Dora Anagnostopoulou– Journalist

Maria Spyraki – MEP
Nikos Therapos – Enaleia
Katrina Tsantali – A little shelter


Discussion panel 2

Next Generation EU: The challenges, changes and opportunities for the next generation

In a rapidly growing work reality, the need for even more skilled staff is paramount. Beyond specialization in a specific sector, the ability to be flexible between multi-factor working environments is becoming increasingly necessary. This new era, along with the challenges it poses, brings new opportunities to the fore, generates new ideas and proves that nothing is impossible.

Participants: Member of the European Parliament Konstantinos Arvanitis, UNESCO chair on Futures Research Epaminondas Christofilopoulos as well as one of the creators of Hackney Clothing and youtuber Stefanos Letsic Softsis.

The discussion is moderated by the journalist Alexandra Gouta.

Moderation: Alexandra Gouta – Journalist

Kostas Arvanitis – MEP

Stefanos Letsic Softsis – Hackney Clothing

Epaminondas Christofilopoulos – UNESCO chair on Futures Research at ITE




An exceptional line up of Greek artists and DJs  will take over with a live music party which will last till late.


Starting at 13.30

Free Entrance

Saber Rider: Live A/V Set

Reworks Connekt presents an exclusive A/V performance by Saber Rider on Wednesday 16 February at 21:00 on Youtube



The Athenian ambient pop composer presents for the first time her live compositions from her latest album “Heaps”, accompanied by the special designed visuals of her colleague and upcoming motion designer, Andreas Lambropoulos.
Saber Rider is a somewhat ambient, somewhat pop one-woman project that focuses on sampling techniques and their semi improvisational arrangements that eventually merge into an amalgamation of memory-like collages.
Tracks from Heaps have been commissioned for the BBC 3 TV Show “School Of Zen Motoring” (Vivian for 2022 upcoming show), West Den Haag museum (Heaps, 2020 campaign), London Travelwatch (4AM, 2022 Campaign), and the award-winning Pathologies of Everyday Life short film (Merry Go, 2019) supported by Onassis Foundation.
Performance: Eugenia Petropoulou

Watch: Christian Löffler at reworks

Premieres on Saturday, January 29 at 21:00 UTC+2 | Reworks Youtube Channel.

German DJ, producer and artist Christian Löffler has been a driving and influential force in the experimental techno and electronic scene since his first appearance around 2008.

Emotion and harmony are key words to understand Christian Löffler’s work; they somehow help us perceive his characteristic autobiographical and melancholic approach to techno.

His unique performance at reworks last September in Thessaloniki will premiere on #Youtube on Saturday, January 29 at 21:00 (UTC+2) on Reworks Youtube Channel.



Direction: Alexandros Oikonomidis
Camera operators: Theodore Tzartos, Chris Christodoulou , Vaggelis Karkatsis
Drone Operator : Alexandros Oikonomidis


3 new reworks connekt videos available for stream now

The online platform of reworks included three exclusive performances from renowned artists, ranging from ambient, house, electronica to pure techno.

Stream two new music performances and the discussion panel of “NFTs Culture” on Youtube. Make sure not to to miss the performances of the third week on Tuesday, November 30th, starting at 21:00 UTC+2.





NFT Culture

a discussion panel by reworks agora & Sphera



Stream reworks connekt – Week 1

The online platform of reworks included three exclusive performances from renowned artists, ranging from ambient, house, electronica to pure techno.

Stream the performances of the first week on youtube. Make sure not to to miss the performances of the second week on Tuesday, November 23rd, starting at 21:00 UTC+2.



reworks connekt returns with a new series of online content

Facing the challenges and uncertainties of our time, reworks aspires to finish this year with dynamism and optimism. Few weeks after the absolute success of reworks festival and the conference of reworks agora, our first physical events with audience in two years in Greece, the hybrid program of reworks connekt is back on our screens.

Over  the upcoming weeks, the online platform of reworks will present exclusive content of concerts, audiovisual projects, discussions and dj sets, hosting musicians, scientists, activists, and personalities from the field of  technology, arts and culture. An online meeting of sounds and ideas.

Meanwhile you can join our online community and subscribe to our official Youtube channel.

More info soon.

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