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BBC: music experiences, a view from the future

A discussion panel by Reworks Agora.

The BBC has a strong tradition of creativity and innovation in its use of technology, from its inception up until the present day. The Research and Development department is at the forefront of this work, producing world leading work in a number of areas, from broadcast technology through VR and AR to interactive musical experiences for voice devices. Through a presentation of the previous work and methods, Tim Cowlishaw will outline the ways in which creativity, diversity and general weirdness can be used to imagine and build just, inclusive, and fun future technologies.

Sunday, September 16 at Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Ticket Prices: Reworks Agora + Grandbrothers w/ Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra: Κανονικό 10€ / Μειωμένο ( Φοιτητικό-Μαθητικό / κάρτα ανέργων) 5€.

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