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Call for contributions: The Future(s) of Festivals


We are Europe is a project initiated by eight major independent electronic music festivals and forums to bring together artists, thinkers, journalists and citizens to shape the culture of tomorrow. In just over five years, it has enabled thousands of artists and speakers from all over the continent to perform, share ideas and connect through events.

The project members are now launching a European media platform to cover at best the cultural trans-formations shaping the future of Europe all year round. It will feature collaborations with writers, cre-ators and contributors from diverse cultural backgrounds and countries. By fostering such large-scale cooperation, this online platform will allow for a better circulation of ideas throughout the continent and also serve to cement the bonds between communities, generations and territories.



To set the ground for this new platform, we are launching a call for contributions to collect articles and editorial formats ideas on the following theme: THE FUTURE(S) OF FESTIVALS.

2020 marked a considerable change in the events and festivals industry. Many structures were unable to organise their events and left without any concrete perspective for the foreseeable future. Some of these events organisers, promoters and cultural activists have actively tried to redefine their activities: changing dates, going online, developing new and alternative formats, shaping new paradigms, etc. At the same time, given the current context, it seems like festivals are increasingly reflecting on their role in today’s society, be it in terms of carbon footprint, diversity or inclusion.

We are Europe is itself a project developed by festivals organisers. As such, we want to hear from those who were at the forefront of this storm and are thinking about new forms of festivals — from promotors to artists and performers. We want to understand how these cultural actors coped with the crisis and understand their role in society. What impact did the crisis have on their teams and their activities? Were they able to find new formats to implement in this context? How are festivals tackling climate issues? How have movements such as #MeToo and Black Live Matters impacted the festival industry? And eventually — what does this all mean for the future of festivals?

If you wish to contribute to this series, please send the first draft of your submission to by 8 February 2021.

• Contributors should send a pitch of approximately 250 words in English and a short bio. All formats are welcome: written articles, features, podcasts, videos, photos, interviews, creative fictions, etc.
• Contributions will be published in English and optionally in the author’s native language.
• Selected contributions will all be remunerated.

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