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We are Europe is the association of 8 major European events joining forces to promote, create and produce innovative cultural practices, defined by creative diversity and exchanges.


It is a new generation of change-makers joining forces for independence and innovative cultural practices and contents.

We are Europe gathers and mobilizes the energy of eight events (both festivals & forums), supporting European culture, high artistic standards, cultural innovation and independence

  • c/o pop Festival + c/o pop Convention (Cologne – Germany)
  • Elevate – Music & Arts + Elevate – Political discourse & Activism (Graz – Austria)
  • Insomnia Festival + Movement + New Ideas (Tromsø – Norway)
  • Nuits sonores + European Lab forum (Lyon – France)
  • Unsound Festival (Krakow – Poland)
  • Reworks festival + Reworks forum (Thessaloniki – Greece)
  • Sónar + Sónar+D (Barcelona – Spain)
  • TodaysArt + Bright Collisions (The Hague – Netherlands)

These 8 tandem festival-forums – vehicles for projects and ideas; major players in the fields of electronic, independent, digital and contemporary culture – are key components of the European cultural scene. They espouse the common values of cultural and social open-mindedness, artistic implacability, an unwavering commitment to youth, innovation and the emergence of new talent, and the mobility of audiences, ideas and artists. They have been working together for 3 years, co-curating and collaborating on the line-ups for festivals and forums, and thereby laying the foundations for a new community of cultural actors in Europe: open and progressive, motivated by the desire to inject our shared journey with fresh meaning, and to defend a positive image of Europe.

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