Thessaloniki Greece, September 13-17, 2017

Agora” in Ancient Greece was the gathering space where free citizens would meet in order to discuss important issues. Reworks Agora, the cross-thematic forum of the Reworks festival, is aiming for a similar forward-thinking approach to the future vision for creativity, presenting emerging topics, initiatives and artists that inspire the dialogue on the development of culture, entrepreneurship and technology.

Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, Reworks Agora is opening Reworks Festival on the 13th of September 2017, and it aspires to be an inspiration to local creators and cultural workers, creating synergies with international experts and initiatives.

Discussions, presentations, talks are held every year in order to showcase the most innovative developments in music industry, digital culture, creative economy and art, contributing to their growth in Greece, while the program is also enhanced with concerts, installations and screenings.

  • Envisioning culture in the city of tomorrow 2030: What's next?

    The absence of direct mentioning on the role of culture on both UNESCO and EU “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” documents opened a discussion on how we can achieve a sustainable future without including manifestations of human intellectual achievement. However, from creative cities to cultural heritage, culture is both an enabler and a driver of the economic and social dimensions of continuous growth.

    The world, as we know it, is changing and so is the role of culture. As individuals and communities we are more connected than ever before, technological advancements help to accelerate unique cultural ecosystems, citizen-led innovations catalyze the shift towards a more participatory society and cultural activism has never been more present. During Reworks Agora 2017, together with artists and experts, we will explore trends, visions and scenarios and identify risks and opportunities for a sustainable tomorrow through culture.



  • 1st Session A new connected world: The rise of networks

    In collaboration with re:publica Thessaloniki

    In this current increasingly globalized world, festivals via networks are able to travel and promote the ideas that represent faster than ever before. International editions of music and discourse gathering formats are becoming the engine of cultural diplomacy, by connecting new exciting audiences and creating new meeting points for international links and understanding between countries and people. This panel reintroduces the role of inter-cultural relationships and how international networks put forward the notion ‘think globally, act locally’.


    Andreas Gabhard, Founder of re:publica

    Norman Palm, Torstraßen Festival

    Anastasios Diolatzis, FounderReworks Festival

    Gaute Barlindhaug, Founder Insomnia

    Moderator: Lisa Blanning, Journalist

  • 2nd Session Reports from the frontiers of democracy: implications for urban design

    A keynote speech, courtesy of the Dukakis Center at ACT – American College of Thessaloniki with the support of US Consulate of Thessaloniki

    Do direct democracy movements reveal unexpected mutual aid for urban design? We’ll dive into a civic tech case study on developing “coherent blended volition” among tens of thousands of people, as facilitated by Taiwan’s open source community and artificial intelligence. Alongside that case study we’ll consider how urban designers bring together multiple publics to develop consensus on the urban commons, and examine how this burden of facilitation might be eased by a better functioning government.

    Join this talk to explore the role that building consensus takes in public life — we may discover that building cities and building consensus share key methods, such that striving for great urban design means striving for great democracy.


    Liz Barry, Founding Member of the Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science



  • 3rd Session The integrity of information, the fake news crisis

    Discussion panel supported by the Representation of the European Commission in Greece

    Information and how it gets to the people is vital for the way public opinion will be formulated in the future. The new uses of the web and the mass emergence of social media as a primary information source have contributed to the unprecedented growth of fake news on the internet. Αlgorithms and automated curation systems, which tailor the content shown in accordance with web browser history, contribute on a daily basis to offer homogenized news, selected to suit the likes and preferences of the users. During this discussion, the importance to support the integrity of information through mechanisms coming from within the media industry, or the official bodies will be stressed and emphasis will be placed on technological solutions that will end the fake news crisis.


    Eliza Vozenberg, EU Parliament Member

    Pavlos Tsimas, Journalist

    Dimitris Kalogeropoulos, Social Media Analyst

    Valentinos Tzekas, Founder

    Moderator: Elena Papadimitriou, Journalist

  • 4th Session The future of music and beyond, a talk with Hauschka

    The world renown artist and Oscar-nominated composer, Volker Bertelmanm, aka Hauschka, discuss with the music journalist, Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, his process to form new sounds and what it means to ignite the flame of creativity in the midst of widespread distraction in the digital age.


    Volker Bertelmann, Composer

    Giorgos Dimitrakopoulos, Journalist

  • 5th Session Cultural Activism: How creators can lead social change

    In collaboration with European Lab as part of We are Europe

    This panel explores practices of cultural activism and spreads the light on a range of online and analog activities that conduct “resistance”, present future scenarios and engage audiences in urban environments around Europe. Through their work, artists always challenge dominant interpretation and constructions of the world, while presenting alternative socio-political and spatial imaginaries in ways that rebuilt relationships between art, music, politics and participation. Nowadays, their active role and loud voice of irony or humor is more essential than ever before to disrupt commonly-held understandings and to set the grounds of a shared vision in the cities of tomorrow.


    Matt Black, Founder Ninja Tunes

    Marios Spyroglou, Founder Sfina

    Daniel Erlacher, Founder Elevate, Discourse and Activism Festival

    Moderation: Oscar Rickett, Journalist


2030: What's next?

Thessaloniki Concert Hall / Building M2

foyer M2



Maurice Saltiel Hall 2




1st session

Co-curated with re:publica Thessaloniki

A new connected world: The rise of networks


2nd session

courtesy of the Dukakis Center and the US Embassy of Thessaloniki

Reports from the frontiers of democracy: implications for urban design

A keynote speech by Liz Barry


3rd session

Under the auspices of the European Commission

The Integrity of information: The fake news crisis




4th session

The future of music and beyond, a talk by Hauschka




5th session

Co-curated with European Lab, We are Europe project

Cultural Activism, how artists can lead change for the cities of tomorrow




Aimilios Riadis Hall


Concert: Hauschka

Parallel program

Screenings / Maurice Saltiel Hall 1

Screenings in collaboration with Resident Advisor


London, Real Scenes


Detroit, Real Scenes


Mexico, Real Scenes


Tokyo, Real Scenes

Screening co-curated with Insomnia Festival


Screening in collaboration with In-Edit Festival