Thessaloniki Greece, September 13-17, 2017

Reworks Agora opened the first day of Reworks 2016 and Thessaloniki embraced it warmly. This year as well Reworks Agora is here to open the festival for 2017. The latest project of Reworks is a multi-dynamic and cross-thematic forum with international appeal, which aims to present to the audience of Thessaloniki, speakers, initiatives and experts in the broader fields of music, technology, creative economy and culture. Workshops, debates, presentations, film screenings and documentaries, concerts will take place this year to inspire a common future vision for music, digital culture, technology and cultural entrepreneurship while contributing to their development in Greece.

In 2017, Reworks Agora is pleased to welcome European Lab by Nuits Sonores and Movements + New Ideas by Insomnia to co-curate part of the panels.