This year, reworks connekt, the new digital platform of reworks festival, brings reworks agora to your screen on September 26th & 27th and its free for everyone.

reworks connekt

  • Fashion Revolution brings HOPE at Reworks Agora

    Let us explore sustainability in fashion, innovation and sustainable materials through a prism of critical thinking, the role of technology in a transparent supply chain and suggestions from experts and designers on environmental challenges.

    How ethical are the brands you are buying your clothes from?

    How can we prevent climate change through the way we dress?

  • The Future of Greek Cinema: Challenges, New Ideas & Good Practices

    Are streaming platforms the future of cinema? What are the dangers and challenges of a festival? How are films made in a pandemic period?

    Cinema is one of the entertainment industries that got bitten from the pandemic really heavily, one festival after another may be postponed or completely changed, but the inspiration and the appetite for creation can not stop the people of the field who are always available to offer and interact. From Cinobo with Daphne Bechtsi, at the Drama Festival with Giannis Sakaridis to the experienced point of view of the producer and director Elina Psykou.

  • Shaping communities and engaging citizens : Meet the people that are making our cities a place worth living

    As more and more people are living in cities all over the world, we are facing social challenges. We could easily live lonely and fast-paced lives, running all day to our meaningless jobs just to pay rent, and start thinking it is normal. 

    The thing is that we are social beings craving for a feeling of community, for human relationships. We are craving for self-growth, for the fulfilling sentiment of making a positive impact ON the world, even ON the smallest scale.  

    Reworks Connekt is welcoming actors of Thessaloniki, Greece, who are actively taking actions to enable citizens to meet, to create, to learn, and most importantly, TO share. They are sharing with us their practices, methods and different approaches, to help us reflect on our cities and inspire us.


Reworks Lab I

13.00 – 13.15


13.15 – 14.00

Transforming the future of work

14.00 – 15.00

How can A.I. collaborate with humans in creative processes?

16.30 – 17.30

Attacked by comedy

Live Performances & DJ Sets

Reworks Lab I

18.30 – 19.30

Peter Broderick

23.00 – 24.00

Anna Vs June

Floor 1 street

19.30 – 20.30


20.30 – 23.00

Tim Sweeney

Reworks Lab II

23.00 – 00.30


00.30 – 03.30

Massimiliano Pagliara

03.30 - END

Sky Above

Side Program

Reworks Lab III

13.00 – 19.00

Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality
Sabetta Matsumoto

Reworks Lab IV

15.00 – 16.00

Short Film Screenings

Tribute to Vincent Moon