The 4 th edition of Reworks Agora aims to defy the clichés and bring to the forefront a dedicated creative community, working in the field in order to leave behind fatalism and the age of passive observation. A series of lectures and discussions will overturn stereotypical perceptions that recycle outdated social norms and propose new up-to-date ideas intertwined with the rapidly changing and technologically powered present.

On Sunday, September 15, powerful personalities, who have been able to inspire us in the field of culture, technology, and activism will share their experiences and their contribution to the new period of collective adventure, where creativity is at the center of everyone’s day-to-day life.

Free admission

Beyond Cliches

  • Attacked by comedy

    Transmission and analysis of news through a satirical lens is not a new phenomenon. TV programs in the USA, such as Saturday Night Live or Last Week with John Oliver, have been practicing it for many years. Indeed, according to a recent study by Penn State University, it has been shown that satirical programs act for the young audiences as “extensive active citizenship courses”. During this discussion, we will be humorously exploring the role that satire plays in shaping a new landscape of digital communication.

  • Transforming the future of work

    The world is changing rapidly, while the levels of complexity are also increasing. In this environment, human civilization is in a constant struggle between the efforts to improve living conditions and the increasing magnitude of the complex problems it has to face. Focusing on the future of work, the Millennium Project conducted global research that focused on technological developments and resulted in drafting three scenarios for the future of work and technology in 2050.


    In this keynote speech, we will discuss these scenarios, examine the role of artificial intelligence, and discuss sustainable strategies for humanity.

  • How can A.I. collaborate with humans in creative processes?

    What can contemporary scientific research, technology and art tell us about our own cultural preoccupations? Albert Albert Barquè-Duran earned his PhD and Postdoc in Cognitive Science from City, University of London and has been a Visiting Postgraduate Researcher at Harvard University and University of Oxford.

    His artwork and performances are inspired by his research and combine new media art techniques (A.I., computational creativity, data, experimental electronic music) and classical fine art methods (oil painting, sculpture) to reflect on universal topics. At Reworks Agora he will present 3 of his recent projects (My Artificial Muse, Zero Gravity Band, Ultimate Emoji) and talk about how artificial intelligence intersects with artistic creation.

    Co-curated with European Lab as part of We Are Europe.

  • Side Program
    Tribute to Vincent Moon

    Dubbed the re-inventor of the music video & by the New York Times, born in the digital and internet age, Vincent was the main director of the ‘Take Away Shows’ of La Blogothèque. The online project of music films on indie-rock band and other famous musicians, like R.E.M, Tom Jones or Arcade Fire, revolutionized the concept of music video and the way of filming music in the entire world. Since 2009, Moon dedicates himself to his nomadic label, la Collection Petites Planètes. Crossing the world, his camera and computer in his backpack, making ethnographic-experimental films in an independent way, recording traditional and sacred music, religious and shamanic rituals.

    Short Films Screenings

    Dakha Brakha, 10.38’’
    Istoki, 9.24’’
    One man nation, 14.39’’
    Reino do Sol, 4.20’’
    Le grand Jihad, 8.42’’

    Co-curated with European Lab as part of We Are Europe.


    Installation: Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality


    What’s beyond the representation of the real world, beyond the simulation of an imaginary one? A deep immersion in new languages and possibilities of VR, in that place that’s between arts and sciences. Sabetta Matsumoto will guide us in worlds that are far away from our native perception experiences, thanks to an uncommon and rather unexplored application of what could be otherwise considered “educational VR,”. With this project we will experience in first person mathematical and geometrical worlds that are considered unintuitive and exotic. Dr. Sabetta Matsumoto is an Assistant Professor of School of Physics at Georgia Tech in the United States. She is a theoretical physicist and applied mathematician interested in geometry, low dimensional topology and mathematical art.

    Co-curated with Unsound as part of We Are Europe.


Reworks Lab I

13.00 – 13.15


13.15 – 14.00

Transforming the future of work

14.00 – 15.00

How can A.I. collaborate with humans in creative processes?

16.30 – 17.30

Attacked by comedy

Live Performances & DJ Sets

Reworks Lab I

18.30 – 19.30

Peter Broderick

23.00 – 24.00

Anna Vs June

Floor 1 street

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20.30 – 23.00

Tim Sweeney

Reworks Lab II

23.00 – 00.30


00.30 – 03.30

Massimiliano Pagliara

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Sky Above

Side Program

Reworks Lab III

13.00 – 19.00

Non-Euclidean Virtual Reality
Sabetta Matsumoto

Reworks Lab IV

15.00 – 16.00

Short Film Screenings

Tribute to Vincent Moon