Thessaloniki Greece, September 20-23, 2018

Dimitris Kalogeropoulos

Social Media Analyst

Dimitris Kalogeropoulos was born in the late 80s and he can recall himself playing video games in MS-DOS. Computers used to amaze him and, once he turned 18, he started studying Computer Science. Only then, he realised that Computers’ “mind” is only as strong as the person’s who programmed it.

He embarked on his blogging journey in 2008 and in 2010 he joined the “dark side”, when he first consulted brands on how to utilise social media. In 2014, Dimitris founded jetdrops, a digital agency focusing on social media analytics, effective content & challenging digital projects. Since then jetdrops has delivered projects for some of the most iconic global brands like Coca-Cola, Heineken, Vodafone & Honda.

Social media are very young and people have just started realising their capabilities. Dimitris has never stopped examining how people use social media in their everyday life, from flirting & personal relationships, to news, entertainment & political communication. After all, the not-so-recent trend of fake news has shaped the current global political landscape, affecting everyone’s life.