Giorgos Mavridis

Tattoo Artist / TV Presenter

Giorgos Mavridis, is an underground self-made and multifaceted personality.

He started from Thessaloniki using his art of painting as a “weapon”. He passed his teenage years following PAOK, making graffiti, which he signed as Goonies 4 and began tattooing.

He is now acclaimed in his field and after many awards in domestic and international tattoo conventions, his studio, “Tattooligans” runs at his base, Thessaloniki and he travels endlessly around the world, making the novel “The World Tour in 80 days “just look like an episode of the World Party.

In Reworks Agora 2018, Giorgos Mavridis will talk to us about a special use of his art, his “collectible” tattoos and how he gathers around him the power of the many for the benefit of the ones who need.