Giannis Zouganellis

Actor / Singer

Giannis Zouganelis is one of the most distinguished artists in Greece. He has done equally well with song and music composition, acting in theatre, television, and films.

He also studied at the Munich Academy of Arts, following a scholarship from the Ministry of Culture and holds the position of honorary professor at the same school. He has written music for hundreds, television series, and movies. His work is priceless, and his name has been heard all over the world, mainly through his orchestral compositions. He has already taken many awards. In 2011 he was awarded Best Actor by Athinorama for his work “The Sexual Life of Mr. and Mrs. Nicolaides”, while he was honored by Unicef ​​and the UN for raising awareness of children with disabilities through his book ” Celebrities are created with diversity. “

A multi-talented artist who, in addition to the multitude and range of his creations, has offered a different way of thinking based on love for people and their potentials.