Thessaloniki Greece, September 20-23, 2018

Marios Spyroglou

Film Director & Founder of Sfina

Marios Spyroglou, was born in Thessaloniki. From an early age till his university days he wanted to become a painter. During his Bachelor studies in Electrical & Electronic Engineering, he bought a super 8 camera and got fascinated by the smell of celluloid. From them on, he finished a Masters degree in Film & Video and the rest is history.  He collaborated with National Broadcast Channel ERT, Athens Fringe Festival, Biennale, Northern National Theatre and other. Mario has been a film director of TEDxThessaloniki and TEDxKavala. He has directed audiovisual shows, tv shows, music videos and commercials. He has collected awards EBGE, ERMIS, and other awards for his commercials as well as awards for his music videos and short films.

He is the founder of SFINA, a cultural activist team which concluded 22 cultural actions in Thessaloniki and Athens. He is also the creator of the first ever color festival that ever happened in Greece, called ‘Mera me ta Hromata’