Nikos Kalligas

Urban Planner / Civil Engineer

My name is Nikos Kalligas. From a young age I loved to make things with my hads. At the same time, I was particularly anxious about what’s happening around us. So I decided to live by evolving my concerns. I studied Urban Planning at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and I continue my studies as a Civil Engineer, so that I can understand how and what we are doing. During these years I try to participate in initiatives aimed at re-creating the forms that surround us, and not only.

Particularly in the recent years, together with equally concerned citizens, through the “Initiative Neighborhood Al. Svolos’, we try to find or showcase the way to the overall regeneration of our city and the improvement of our “urban” life.

At Reworks Agora 2018, I would like to talk about alternative ways to upgrade our city and how we can join them as part of a participatory plan.