Thessaloniki Greece, September 13-17, 2017


Mobilee, GR

AND.ID is one of the most respectable musical talents of Greece with extensive touring around the world and presence at infamous clubs such as Fabric and Panorama Bar.

Having already released in labels Thinner and Ware Records, he entered the Berlin music scene with “One is not enough”, his Mobilee records debut that showcased both intricate production skills and unique integration of live components, the latter of which has lent an inimitable sound to his material. In 2010 And.ID took his unique amalgam of electronics and live instrumentation to its further reaches, with his ambitious and celebrated instalment for Mobilee’s Back to Back compilation series. Alongside a disc of curated highlights from the label’s catalogue, he formed the And.ID and BAND collective for a second disc of live jazz interpretations of Mobilee classics.

And.ID is travelling his live show around the world and integrates both well loved and unreleased productions, loops and esoteric grooves into a high energy affair. Whether it’s house or techno, melodic or organic, percussive grooves, or rough and edgy snares, one thing is certain: whether on deck live or playing records, And.ID delivers. He is on course for further ingenious old-world takes on four to the floor modernism.