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Insomnia Festival invites Reworks & Reworks Agora

We are Europe is going to close another year, as usual, by stopping by Insomnia festival in Tromsø, Norway.

Arctic event Insomnia invites in 2019 Elevate festival from Graz, Austria, as well as its farest partner within We are Europe: Reworks festival from Thessaloniki, Greece.

For its 18th edition, taking place at the end of the month, the We are Europe programme at Insomnia 2019 will offer a perfect mix of European, African, Canadian sounds while discussing dangers of our digital world. Tromsø might be known for its northern lights, this month, it will be famous for the stars Insomnia is going to host.

The first ones are rising artists from the 64 Faces of We are Europe. Coming from the northern hemisphere, Norwegian saxophonist Bendik Gidke and American writer, performer, artist and dj Juliana Huxtable will deliver experimental and unique performances. Coming from the other hemisphere, Kampala-based Nihiloxica band and fashion designer, filmmaker and dj Hibotep will bring live and dj acts mixing powerful drums, techno trap and dancehall. Norwegian artist and journalist Máret Ánne Sara will also present her Pile o’Sápmi installation, made from reindeer skulls.

Together with Elevate Festival , Insomnia has curated electronica superstar producer and Coldplay and Brian Eno collaborator Jon Hopkins as well as Angolan producer Nazar and his rough kuduro.

With Reworks, Insomnia has invited contemporary ambient icon Tim Hecker who will performed his textured last album Konoyo.

When it comes to Insomnia Insights, Insomnia discussion and debate programme, Elevate and Reworks Agora have teamed up to curate two panels approaching the digital world and its risks. A first discussion titled “Dangerous and Digital – The Hate that Controls the World” and moderated by Daniel Erlacher from Elevate will welcome Katharina Nocun and Manuel Beltran as well as Greek Iliana Papangeli . The second panel, “Digital Democracy – Dangerous E-Voting vs. Powerful Innovation to Collaborate” will also host Nocun but, this time, alongside Russian Ksenia Ermoshina, Greek Stefanos Loukopoulos and Norwegian Hilde Bjørnå as a moderator and will approach decision making and risks of online voting.

To stay updated with more We are Europe events, please check here.

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