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Music Festivals: voice amplifiers that unite us

A panel discussion at Reworks Agora 2018.

Music festivals are about building a community and bringing people together. They are able via different type of international platforms to travel and promote the ideas that represent faster than ever before.

International editions of music and discourse gathering formats are becoming the engine for the development of the cultural industry, by connecting new exciting audiences and facilitating artists in introducing their creativity.

This panel discussion focuses on visionary global approaches to internationalize ideas and artists through music festivals.


JESLER AMARINS – Conference Curator at Amsterdam Dance Event
RALPH H. CHRISTOPH – Co-Founder of c/o pop Festival
OLOF VAN WINDEN – Director & Founder of TodaysArt Festival
ΑΝΑΣΤΑΣΙΟΣ ΔΙΟΛΑΤΖΗΣ – Co-founder and Music Director of Reworks Festival

ANTÒNIA FOLGUERA – Content Curator at Sónar+D

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