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Music Production, Ableton Live & Push workshop supported by Reworks Agora

LABattoir project in collaboration with Reworks Agora and THEMA, invites you to the workshop Μusic production & Ableton Live and Push workshop with AND.ID
AND.ID, an experienced Ableton user will show how to make music with Live and Push by using the computer as an instrument.
He will go through the basics of electronic music production as well as demoing different features of the software.
– Presentation of Live basic features
– Capturing ideas, Recording instruments (trumpet) & sounds (voice, ambience) and manipulating audio in Live
– Creative workflow, Song built up using Live’s instruments, midi, drum racks.
– Advance features – Using effects & mixing in Live
– Live performance using Ableton Live

About Ableton:
Ableton makes products for music makers to create, produce and perform music. These include Live, a software that combines traditional studio technologies with the freedom of working without a timeline; Push, a hardware instrument for hands-on playing and composing with Live; and Link, a technology that allows multiple devices to play in time together over a wireless connection.
Ableton was founded in 1999 by musicians in need of new creative tools. The first version of Live was released in 2001. The company is led by its founders from its headquarters in Berlin, and has additional offices in Los Angeles and Tokyo. About 300 people work at Ableton across the world.

After attending a multitude of jazz concerts and finding himself absorbed in his father’s large record collection, Thessaloniki-bred AND.ID started producing his first batch of tunes and his debut EP was released in 2003 on Thinner Records, followed by a string of 12“s and EPs Ware records. AND.ID hit his stride in 2008, when he released his debut for Berlin’s Mobilee imprint, followed by a bunch of critically acclaimed releases. Besides that, he gathered quite a reputation on the road, putting on performances based on spontaneity, live brass action, and a high level of interaction with the audience, which landed him guest spots at international festivals such as Sónar, Nuits Sonores, or Synch and Reworks, as well as making him an in-demand remixer. More about his work can be found here:



Date & Time: Thursday 13/09, 18:00-20:00
The participation in the workshop is free of charge.
The number of participants is limited.
Ableton will give merchandise to the participants of the workshop.

You can apply through the following link until 07/09.

LABattoir // Reworks Agora // THEMA

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