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Oscar nominated Hauschka to perform at Reworks Agora

A true pioneer on a musical instrument can be the one who gives new dimensions in it’s sound and new ways to interpret reaching the edges of his creativity.

Haushcka calls himself a “sound explorer” and he is right. Volker Bertelmann a.k.a. Hauschka, is clearly a man who knows his instrument – quite literally – inside out, and he’s as unafraid of approaching it with a fresh sensibility as he is capable of drawing upon an unusually broad church of influences.

Almost two decades after he began his professional career rapping, Volker Bertelmann aka HAUSCHKA finds himself in the unusual position of being regularly compared to the likes of Eric Satie, John Cage and Steve Reich.

Always unpredictable, HAUSCHKA continues to offer only one certainty: that the next step he takes will no doubt be as unexpected as the direction from which he has come.

We will all have the chance to listen to his work during his unique appearance in Reworks Agora in September 2017.

His last album, “What If” was released during 2017 and is overflowing with haunting melodies, mysterious sounds and complex patterns. Listen to the song “Familiar Things Disappear”:

The pre-sale for Reworks Agora is on:

Access to all discussions and screenings – 10 euros / 5 euros students/unemployment card.

Access to all dsicussions, screenings and Hauschka’s concert – 20 euros.

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