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Comedy & Stand-up: Not just forms of entertainment

  • Date:
    Saturday 1 June
  • Time:
    12:15 – 13:30

For many artists comedy as a traditional theatrical form of entertainment and stand-up comedy as a more modern counterpart are not just forms of entertainment. They are means of expression, commentary and conveyance of messages. They are mechanisms for perceiving and interpreting reality, dealing with inequalities and creating a society of respect, mutual appreciation and empathy. Their enormous contribution to society as well as their timelessness as art forms is highlighted by the acceptance of public opinion. However, the wide exposure of professionals combined with the content and the context of the issues commented in a satirical way, sometimes causes censorship phenomena. 

Professional actors, directors, screenwriters and stand-up comedians discuss the importance of comedy as means of expression, the evolution of stand-up comedy in Greece and the phenomena of censorship in media and the internet.

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