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Degendering Fashion – The next step on the freedom of speech

  • Date:
    Saturday 14 May
  • Time:
    13:30 – 14:30
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Fashion has always been a way of expression and visualization of the present and the future of society . Throughout clothing each individual has the freedom to express her/him/they self, standing also for equality, ideology, musical taste, environment, general views, modern society and freedom.

Does fashion really serve the above highlights? How important is fashion to our lives today? Is fashion really a statement and how modern society is reflected?

Reworks agora presents a discussion on the new era of fashion, the era of degendering fashion, and how it can change life for the better good. In the discussion we welcome Lakis Gavalas from Athens, one of the most important personalities of fashion in Greece for decades and a fashion Icon himself, Dimitris Matzis from the Owl Clothing a brand which is considered as one of the most forward thinking brands in Greece today. The discussion moderates Dolly Zervou, the head of Fashion School of Delta 360 College in Thessaloniki.


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