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War and Politics à la carte: Inroads on the fronts as a result of geopolitical strategies

  • Date:
    Saturday 1 June
  • Time:
    13:45 – 15:15

The conflict between Israel and Palestine is undoubtedly one of the longest running conflicts in the Middle East. After almost a century, the land of two countries and three religions continues to create dangerous living conditions for the people of the Eastern Mediterranean. The absence of a definitive solution to the conflict is causing a lot of debate not only amongst the Arab but also in the Western communities. The cycle of violence is constantly growing and dragging in its vortex diplomatic relations, interstate agreements and international organizations, disturbing more and more entrenched balances of power, not only between the countries directly involved but countries that are indirectly involved such as the United States and Iran. Under these circumstances, where everyone interprets these events a la carte, the role of Media and journalists in the search for the truth is perhaps more important than ever before.

Journalists, political analysts and foreign affair experts will discuss the geopolitical shifts and turns of the parties involved and explain what is happening in the Gaza Strip, why a peaceful solution cannot be reached, how important is the role of the media and how the societies of the countries are affected.

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