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reworks agora 2024: 3 days of music and ideas in Thessaloniki

NON hosted the Reworks Agora for the 9th time in Thessaloniki. This interdisciplinary forum of discussions, talks, and presentations with international appeal aims to inform and sensitize citizens about issues related to society, democracy, culture, technology, and the environment. As Anastasis Diolatzis, artistic director of Reworks, stated, “We are very pleased with the continuous development of the institution. For the first time, the Reworks Agora lasted for 3 days. It was a bet that paid off, as the crowded venues filled us with satisfaction and gave us the message to continue this effort.”

The three-day schedule of reworks agora, the first private initiative festival conference in Greece, took place in two cultural venues and included 5 discussion panels, 21 speakers, and 10 artists, bringing together more than 12,000 participants, known as reworkers.



On May 31, 2024, reworks agora kicked off with DJ sets by Myrophora, ISON, and ARGY, energizing those who attended the iconic Government House (Royal Palace) on the eastern side of Thessaloniki. The cultural activities and new musical stimuli presented paved the way for actions promoting progressive thinking and reflection.

The second day of Reworks Agora, on June 1, 2024, featured 5 discussion panels with invited guests including Konstantinos Filis, Stratis Angelis, Anastasia Karypidou, Anastasios Koutsogiannis, Panos Charitos, Yiannis Sarakatsanis, Apostolis Papadimitriou, Fofi Tsesmeli, Eva Kousiopoulou, Makis Papasimakopoulos, and Bane Prelevic. As Kosmas Panagiotidis, program manager of the conference segment of Reworks Agora, mentioned, “After almost a year of planning, we achieved one of our most timeless and important goals. To create the ideal conditions for work and collaboration to understand and interpret a wide range of issues, bringing citizens and interesting personalities from all over Greece closer together.” The discussion panels sparked dialogue between the audience and speakers, creating the perfect environment for exploring the delicate (im)balance around issues of misinformation, fan violence, inclusivity, censorship in satire, and geopolitical changes resulting from conflicts.

Following the discussions, the penetrating DJ sets by AGAPE, French Beach, Cormac, Tijana T, ISON, and Unickue took place on the two music stages set up inside and outside the Ypsilon multipurpose space. The third and final day of the event, Sunday, June 2, 2024, concluded with the highly anticipated performance of MOMERY and a 4-hour DJ set by ADRIATIQUE.


As Anastasis Diolatzis, artistic director of Reworks, mentioned, “After 3 days and nights filled with ideas, opinions, and music, the Reworks Agora team thanks everyone for their contribution to yet another valuable chapter in the institution’s history. Our expectation is to continue offering you even more and more interesting intellectual and musical stimuli. We look forward to seeing you again at Reworks Festival, on September 18-22.”

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