Festival #17
Thessaloniki, Greece

2 & 3 October 2021

2&3 Oct


A day of discussions, talks,
screenings and performances

A day of discussions, talks, screenings and performances


Reworks Agora is a one-day, cross-thematic forum that features keynote speakers, discussions, musical performances and screenings by leading experts and pioneers in the creative economy, culture, technology and contemporary thinking.

Agora in Ancient Greece was the gathering place where free citizens discussed and found solutions to important issues, and that is precisely the goal of Reworks Agora today. To be the place where forward thinking will approach the future vision for creativity and in which the public will discover emerging themes, initiatives and artists that will inspire and provoke dialogue and developments for the future development of tomorrow’s culture, having a modern look and horizon.


Reworks agora, the forum of ideas and opinions of reworks, takes place on the 2nd and 3rd of October in Thessaloniki.

The fifth event invites artists, researchers and changemakers to give us their own perspective on how they imagine the day after tomorrow and how they shape it themselves. Discussions, speeches, installations, music concerts and Dj Sets will run at the Digital Transformation and Digital Skills Center (DT&S) – Cisco.

Last year we all witnessed an incomparable change in our lives. A pandemic, a rising climate change, the issue of human rights and equality, the evolution of technology and Technical Intelligence. All of this has taught us that our adaptability should be the first and last thing to worry about.

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