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Reworks Festival 2017 presents Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki

What kind of a story do the sounds of a city tell about the city itself? To what extend the citizens of Thessaloniki have linked it with specific natural sounds? If Thessaloniki had a soundtrack how would that sound like?

Reworks Festival presents Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki a brand-new ambitious project supported by Thessaloniki Tourism Organization. Its aim is the creation of a soundtrack for the city based on natural sounds found on various spots around its urban landscape. Reworks announces an open call for music producers and musicians from Greece and abroad to a music dialogue. How? Through Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki!

The White Tower, the seafront of Thessaloniki, the Byzantine walls, Kapani market and Modiano market are some of the spots that will offer the first musical material to Resound/Echos of Τhessaloniki. Natural sounds of those spots have been recorded by Tends transmitting the atmosphere of the place and are available online. Through the creative direction of Cayetano, Larry Gus, Tendts, and Ison, artists from all over Greece and abroad will re-create the sound of Thessaloniki.

Time to participate!

Download here the audio files and create your own proposal, track or remix. Send to with the subject “Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki”, your name (or nickname) and a link to download your track, which later will be uploaded to the project’s page on Soundcloud / Mixcloud.

The participant with the best composition, chosen by the jury, will have the chance to play at Reworks 2017 and participate as a judge in the next edition of Resound/Echos of Thessaloniki.

The application deadline is 27 of August 2017.  


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