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Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora travel to Belgrade for Resonate Festival 2018

The We Are Europe journey continues, bringing together 8 major European Festivals. Next stop will be in Belgrade where Resonate Festival will be held from April 18 to 21.

Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora curate part of the program featuring workshops, lectures and music.

More specifically, Reworks Agora presents:

  • Workshop by Ali Demirel, generally known for his tremendous work for Plastikman’s project.
  • Lecture by the artist Mario Klingemann, resident of Google Arts & Culture specialized in the use of artificial intelligence in contemporary art.
  • A speech of the famous cinematographer David O’Reilly, widely known for his distinguished in the area of 3D Animation. He is the winner of Prix Ars Electronica prize who released in 2017 the majestic video game “Everything” for Playstation 4, while he has created the U2’s animated video for the track “I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight”.

    As for the musical program, Reworks Festival presents Tim Sweeney, Hior Chronik, Psarantonis and Mohammad (MMMD).

Tim Sweeney is based in New York and for almost two decades is the host of one of the best dance shows worldwide. Special guests have dropped in to play records, Prosumer and Seth Troxler just to name a few. He is the owner of Beats In Space Records while he always finds time to travel around the world performing dj sets.

Born in Athens and now based in Berlin, Hior Hronik started his relationship with music when he was working as a radio producer for Jazz fm in the early 90s’ and as a columnist for various music magazines. He began creating music almost a decade ago and today his focus is on minimal ambient based mainly on piano, characterized by cinematography, melancholy, scattered notes and long melodies that form expressive engagements. His music is featured in various films, documentaries as well as art performance. Till now, he has released four personal albums and more more along with Avorane.

Young and ancient at the same time, Psarantonis has the powers of a Rhapsodist and with the unbeatable boldness in improvisation, he manages to create the atmosphere of awe, agitation and shivering, like the great musicians of jazz music. Psarantonis was to become a living legend of music, enriching the cretan, mediterranean and world music with unprecedented sounds, with unheard and unique musics and interpretations.

Deep knower and real devotee to tradition but also undisciplined by his nature and restless, always surprising and apocalyptic, Psarantonis today is regarded as the dashing but also thoughtful innovator of tradition – a living essence of primitive and modern musical narratives.

Mohammad (MMMD) have been forging their deep monolithic sound, bringing together lowfrequencies, inter-modulations, dark textures, and distant folk nuances through custom made instruments and software.
Their sonic arsenal is equally deployed live, a ceremonial experience in physical sound [quoted by some as ‘Chamber Doom”] that evokes a wide emotional palette.


From April 18 to 21, the heart of Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora beats in Blegrade and Resonate Festival!

We Are Europe

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