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Reworks Festival and Reworks Agora welcome Sónar to Thessaloniki

Reworks Festival & Reworks Agora are honored to welcome for the first time in Greece, Sónar Festival who wil curate part of its artistic and conference program bringing a different edge and unique aesthetic to Thessaloniki.

Created in 1994, Sónar is a pioneering cultural event with a unique format and content. Its first class reputation as a leading reference for international festivals is thanks to its attention in curation, combining a playful nature, the avant-garde, and experimentation with newest trends in dance and electronic music.

As well as the event in Barcelona, Sónar organizes festivals every year in other cities. In previous years, it has travelled to Reykjavik, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Buenos Aires, New York, London, Cape Town, Frankfurt, Seoul, Lisboa, Lyon, Hamburg, Toronto, Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Denver, Oakland, Los Ángeles, Tokyo and Osaka, among other destinations around the world.

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