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Dr. Fotis Spyropoulos

Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos is an As. Professor of Criminal Law at Philips University in Cyprus and Professor of Criminal Law at the Hellenic Police Academy. He also teaches at the Hellenic Open University, the University of West Attica (Greece) and has taught as a visiting professor in several universities around the world (Germany, Brazil, South Africa, Israel, Azerbaijan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Albania, etc.).

He holds a PhD in Criminal Law and Criminology from the Law School of the University of Athens (IKY scholarship holder – first position in the “Herakleitos II” program) and a post-doctorate from the University of West Attica (ELIDEK scholarship holder). Dr. Fotios Spyropoulos is a member of several scientific associations (Hellenic Society of Criminology, Association of Greek Criminologists, etc.). He is a founding member, board member and Vice President of the Centre for the Study of Crime.

Makis Papasimakopoulos

Gerard-Makis Papasimakopoulos is actively involved in the fields of television and radio production, while also being a content creator and podcaster. He was a journalist for a number of years and is to this day an avid fan of both football and fighting sports. 


Photo credits: Petros Poulopoulos

Panagiotis Bletsos

A media professional with 28 years of experience across broadcast, print and online outlets. A sports journalist, TV anchor and football commentator at Greek public broadcaster ERT, I have covered major international events, such as the UEFA Euro 2012, the UEFA Champions League, five Summer Olympics and the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Panos specializes in international football, having provided insights and analysis for online agencies, including, and Al Jazeera English.

A certified e-journalist, with skills in IT, feature & creative writing and English/Greek localization. He also has degrees in Sports Journalism, German and a background in Electromechanical Engineering.

Bane Prelevic

Ο Μπράνισλαβ «Μπάνε» Πρέλεβιτς (σερβικά: Бранислав “Банe” Прелевић), είναι Σέρβος πρώην επαγγελματίας καλαθοσφαιριστής, γεννημένος στο Βελιγράδι Ξεκίνησε την επαγγελματική του καριέρα το 1986 στον Ερυθρό Αστέρα, όπου αγωνίστηκε για δύο χρόνια. Το 1988 αποκτήθηκε από τον ΠΑΟΚ, στον οποίο αγωνίστηκε τα επόμενα 8 χρόνια και σύντομα εξελίχθηκε σε ηγετική φυσιογνωμία της ομάδας.

Με τον ΠΑΟΚ σημείωσε εξαιρετικές εμφανίσεις κατακτώντας το Κύπελλο Κυπελλούχων Ευρώπης το 1991, το Κύπελλο Κόρατς το 1994, το Πρωτάθλημα Ελλάδας το 1992, καθώς και το Κύπελλο Ελλάδας το 1995. Επίσης αγωνίστηκε στους τελικούς του Κυπέλλου Κυπελλούχων το 1992 και 1996 και στο final four της Ευρωλίγκα το 1993. Το 1996 μεταγράφηκε στην ιταλική Βίρτους Μπολόνια στην οποία αγωνίστηκε για ένα χρόνο, κατακτώντας μάλιστα το Κύπελλο Ιταλίας το 1997. Αμέσως μετά το τέλος της καριέρας του, ξεκίνησε καριέρα προπονητή σε πολλές ομάδες ενώ το 2011 ανέλαβε καθήκοντα προέδρου στην ΚΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ

Stamos Archontis

Stamos Archontis is a journalist/fact-checker and science communicator. He maintains the science communication channel “The Mad Scientist” on YouTube in which he explains scientific phenomena in a simple way and debunks pseudoscience.

He also works as the editor-in-chief of FactReview, a fact-checking organization that identifies and debunks fake news.

Stelios Pournis

Stelios Pournis is a journalism and mass media graduate from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He also has a master’s degree in risk communication, specializing in crisis journalism. Currently he is the managing editor at Ellinika Hoaxes. Ηe supports Ellinika Hoaxes’ involvement in projects such as MedDMO and Elections24Check.

Sofia Papadopoulou

Studied Journalism at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and pursued post-graduate studies at the University of Cairo/Department of Political Science. She works as a journalist for the past 24 years, mainly at Athens News Agency (AMNA) and as a freelancer and/or fixer for different foreign media (mainly during the refugee crisis in Idomeni and elsewhere). She writes mainly on diplomatic affairs, the migrant crisis and stories of human interest. In 2011, she was awarded a fellowship by the German Marshall Fund (GMF) of the United States within the framework of the «Young Leaders» program.

Anastasis Koutsogiannis

Anastasis Koutsogianns is a journalist and the Website Chief Editor of, a cutting-edge social media-first news medium. Since 2008, he has been working in various media, specializing in politics and global affairs. He is a graduate of the Department of Mass Media and Communication at the University of Athens and holds a joint master degree in Journalism, Politics & Communication from the Universities of Aarhus and Amsterdam (UvA). Apart from Athens and Lamia, where he grew up, he has also lived in Vienna, Aarhus, Amsterdam and Berlin.

Marianna Vasileiou

Marianna Vasileiou is an Attorney-at-Law appointed at the Supreme Court of Greece (Areios Pagos), specializing in issues of gender equality and gender-based violence. She is a research associate and PhD candidate at AUTh and holds postgraduate degrees in criminal law-criminology and medical law-bioethics. She is also a music journalist and co-chief editor of the music portal

Fofi Tsesmeli

Fofi Tsemeli (aka Fo) is a DJ, journalist, and consultant with a long trajectory in the electronic music scene. She has collaborated with festivals, producers, cultural venues, and international DJs. She is professionally active in the field of media (digital & print) and has also worked in radio, television, music royalties’ management, various record labels, as a consultant and A&R. Since 2014, she has maintained an electronic music column in LifO, and she holds the longest-living residency at a club in the country.

Fofi is the founder of the HER project, a platform for the empowerment of womxn and underrepresented groups in the music industry, which led to the creation of the Athenian chapter of, the independent and renowned global community of women and gender non-conforming people in music, to which she is the co-director. She is one of the co-founders of Matterz.

Constantinos Maragos

Constantinos Maragos (he/they) was born in Kos, raised in Halkidiki and lives in Thessaloniki. They are mainly involved in film directing, lighting design and writing. They are also particularly concerned about human rights, for which they fight though Thessaloniki Pride, and are proudly a non-binary, pansexual person.

Dr. Niki Sorogas

Niki Sorogas holds a PhD in Physics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, a diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and a Master’s degree in Materials Physics and Technology. She volunteers for various groups, focused on women’s empowerment, and acts as a mentor on behalf of the “Greek Women in STEM” team. She is the founder of the online music outlet, with over 15 years of experience in the Creative Culture Industry. She has been a Digital Project Manager / Production Assistant at Athens Music Week and the coordinator of the European project HEMI – Hub for the Exchange of Music Innovation (Creative Europe).

Eva Kousiopoulou

I live in Thessaloniki, where I have been working as a journalist for over thirty years. For 24 of them, I have been working at ERT3, initially on the radio, then on television and now as head of I believe that the arts and especially music and cinema make us better people. Children also make us better people. I have a son. I have been a volunteer for years in everything that could help PWDs and children and I dream of the moment when I will have time to return to activity in this field. Fanatic festival goer, DJ for years, and radio producer to this day are her psychotherapy.

Giuseppe Vieri

Giuseppe Vieri worked in advertising, marketing, cinema, television and Italian cuisine. His last resort is comedy. For the last 10 years, he has been organizing, supporting, painting, laying cables, pouring beers, running seminars and everything else needed at the Maieutirio Comedy Club, the only comedy club in Thessaloniki.

Michalis Saropoulos

Michael Saropoulos is into radio business since 2009 and his first steps in the stand up “industry” started back in 2016. 

His journalist part includes working at sports newspapers since 2009 and different radio stations. The past five years works on radio Metropolis 95.5. Counting eight years in the stand up industry he has performed several times at Sofouli theatre in Thessaloniki and at Avaton in Athens. Last but not least he has also performed in Athens to biggest strip club of the country named Kinky opera. 


Yiannis Sarakatsanis

Yiannis Sarakatsanis was born in 1975 and is a an actor/comedian who also writes and directs theatre and television. He has participated in more than 50 theatre productions and has earned awards and nominations from journalists and critics.

He has been the artistic director of Bob Theatre Festival for more than 10 years, he has experimented with stand-up and improv comedy and loves to present shows as well as to organize creative groups.

Since 2020 Yiannis also runs a successful YouTube channel with videos that combine philosophy, psychology and comedy.

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