Aggelina Kanellopoulou

Environmental Scientist

Aggelina is an environmental scientist from Greece with a BA in Psychology and a great love for bees and biodiversity.

Her fascination for bees started along with the first beekeeping lesson in 2012. A MSc in the University of Edinburgh led her to research positions in the USA (UC San Diego) and Spain. But research has proven to be a useful tool for moving forward with something that she believes will really bring change: education. With that in mind, Angelina worked for environmental organizations in Greece and France.

In 2017, Angelina (with the support of the German Robert Bosch Foundation) founded “The Bee Camp”, the first organization in Greece that deals with the protection of bees with the motto “a better world is blooming”. In 2019 she was awarded the Prize of Science Communication.

In 2021, Aggelina was selected as one of the 7 women in the world for the Women for Bees program of Guerlain and UNESCO in France, with Angelina Jolie as ambassador. As a representative of the Women for Bees program, in 2022 she traveled to Cambodia with Jolie, to launch the local Women for Bees program.

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