Crypto-writer / Head of R&D at RareCandy3D

(Crypto-) writer by hobby, self-taught musician, political philosophy addict, and blockchain enthusiast. Studied political science and social psychology, with a deep personal interest in the intersection of social structuring and societal change.

Politics is everywhere, and, today, it feels broken. Technology is a tool we as humans rely on to ease our lives and, by means of it, progress. Blockchain technology is providing the technical foundation that is enabling the disruption of the traditional modus vivendi, putting decentralization at the forefront. Back in 2018, I started authoring articles for online crypto-journals, such as Since then, I have been working as a freelance blockchain writer with NFTs, Web3.0, and Decentralization as my main focus of interest, having collaborated with several blockchain projects both as a writer and as an external advisor.

Currently working as Head of R&D @ RareCandy3D, mainly responsible for all thingsĀ  typography related; both internal (e.g. documentation) and external (RC3 Academy, Medium publications, etc.). RareCandy3D was conceived as an online vehicle with the purpose of empowering people (mainly, all kinds of creators) to hop on the NFT train and benefit from what decentralization has to offer.

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