Mariana Bisti


Mariana Bisti is a photographer, visual artist and architect. She studied  Building Restoration (Patras, 2005) and Architecture (Athens, 2012). In 2014  she went on a 5-year trip abroad, with the initial stop in London for a two-year  postgraduate Fine Art Media course at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL. 

This was followed by three art residences in Asia (Hong Kong School of  Visual Arts, Taipei Artist Village, Kuala Lumpur Architecture Festival), where she created three short, two-channel, visual essays shot exclusively with a drone, the narration of which is built around the concepts of public space, the  city, the individual.

For the last 2 years she has been living and working in Athens, specializing in Architectural Photography. Her photographic work is published in Greek and  international magazines, books and online platforms. 

Her art practice revolves around photography and the moving image but also  ranges across different media including installations, performance and public  interventions. It can be described as an exploration of the contours of meaning, through their equivocal formations and contingent representations,  that wishes to raise questions about identity, community, belonging, social and  political norms, in a context where certainties are absent.

Her work has  received awards at international festivals and competitions and has been  featured in numerous international exhibitions in Europe and Asia.

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