Ross Peili

Journalist / Industry analyst / Writer

Vladimiros Peilivanidis, known in the crypto scene as “Ross Peili”, is a journalist, industry analyst, and writer, published by Hackernoon, Cryptos, CoinCodex, Hacked, Oracle Times, The Independent Republic among other fintech media outlets.

His writings have nominated him as the contributor of the year in “Politics” and “Blockchain” by Hackernoon’s Noonies Awards. Besides investigating and documenting what’s happening in the DLT scene, Ross has been working with a plethora of native projects ranging from Zenome, CertiK, and DappRadar, to the leading web3 venture capital firm Outlier Ventures, where he filled business development positions revolving around partnerships, affairs, and token-related organization.

Currently working at RareCandy3D, an NFT project based out of Greece, while consulting with various EU commission task forces that are subject to fintech and crypto regulations.

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