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Reworks 2019: The locations & venues


From its very first day, Reworks Festival is here to  present the vast music spectrum of contemporary electronic music in Thessaloniki and Greece, as a lively part of the city by taking place in different sites, with a unique story to tell to her visitors. From the east side to the west of Thessaloniki, Reworks managed to bridge the gap of culture, neighbourhoods, habits, and break the stereotypes, having as a main purpose, above everything, music and her relation with the space. This decision, of evolving and expressing inside different places is a unique novelty for the Greek reality.



This year,  Reworks continues with this statement and with the celebration of its 15 years, keeps some of its favourite places but also adds one emblematic space, a distinctive part of Thessaloniki s skyline while returning back to its roots, to the place where it started and bloomed.


 The locations and venues of Reworks & Reworks Agora 2019


reworks agora  / 15.09.2019

Starting point of this year’s festival, is the Thessaloniki music Hall, where Reworks Agora will take place for the 4th time, Sunday the 15th of September. 

A forum of ideas and thoughts, part of the Reworks Festival aims to present the most innovative ideas and projects of the music industry, the digital culture, the creative economy and society, while presenting in its music  part, one of the most important musicians of contemporary classical music from the US, Peter Broderick who will introduce us to his own, magical music world



reworks /  19,20,21,22/09.2019

On September 19th, the heart of Reworks Festival beats in the centre of the city, in a unique place, the port. On the first day of the festival, the doc no1 becomes a meeting place for reworkers from all over the world, Greece and Thessaloniki, presenting solomun, one of the top names of the current electronic music scene, alongside a group of artists worth noticing. 

On Friday 21 and Saturday 22, Reworks will come together with old and young friends at a really emotional place, where it was born and where it presented through the years hundreds of artists, a place where it evolved and felt loved, offering many experiences and thrilling moments to all of us. 

Mylos complex will bring back memories from the previous editions, with 7 stages and the wide spectrum of contemporary music. 

Future Pop, House, Techno, Jazz, Post Rock, Experimental, Ambient and other genres will be presented with the help of more than 40 artists in 2 nights at one of the most loved and nostalgic spots of the city.



On Sunday, the 22nd of September, our derive on the West Side of Thessaloniki will eventually bring us to the met hotel and its wonderful rooftop with a 360 view of the city, where Reworks will declare its finale in the best way possible, by dancing with an amazing view, renewing the date for the next year.



Reworks is evolving, spreads and offers a unique and complete festive cultural experience in the city of Thessaloniki for 15 years in a row. 

It hosts the protagonists of contemporary music, gives voice to new artists, empowers local artists promoting them and opens the way for them to be presented, connected and collaborative and presents the most interesting acts that the contemporary electronic music has to show for the present year. 

The date is set! September in Thessaloniki is expected to be exciting!


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