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Stereo Nova at reworks day 2

They have marked the history of modern electronic music of Greece. Their legend has been sustained for decades, with a great nostalgia for this unique duo but also an anticipation of whether we would ever hear them again.

This anticipation is over as on September 21st, after more than 25 years, Stereo Nova will come to perform in Thessaloniki and reworks!

Stereo Nova came suddenly on the surface for the first time in 1992. With their emblematic first self titled album they have changed the way that everyone was listening to music. It is not an exaggeration to say that  Konstantinos Bhta and Michael Delta have  shaped the modern sound of the 90s in the country. Reflecting the period they have created tracks about the urban and dystopian landscape of the metropolis, the daily routine, the late hour illegal rave parties and the club culture as a phenomenon, combined with a romantic innocence and a unique musical identity, sweet and so updated.  

Most of the youth have been nurtured via this Stereo Nova era. With five timeless albums that they released with  5 years, they have influenced far too many eversince. “New Life 705”, “Puzzle in the air”, “Little Boy”, ῾Wireless world”, the masterpiece album “Telson” which is regarded as one of the most important albums of all time in Greece, “Vitamina Tek” have left their stigma and sound as refreshing as they have been made today. Being on the top of the game, the duo decides to split  in 1997 each one following a remarkable solo career. 

In the meantime, with no new work or performances as Stereo Nova still their music through its longevity has continued to preserve their myth.  Until 2018 when out of nowhere they announced a new album after 20 years titled “Uranos”. And 5 years after a new single titled “Irida” just came out recently starting a new promising chapter for them.  

During those 26 years  Stereo Nova have not performed at all except 3 times all of them in Athens. Their performance for the European Capital of Culture in 2023 has opened up a window of hope that Stereo Nova might perform again. Only 2 performances have been announced, one in Athens in July. 

As for the second? We are honored and delighted to welcome this important and legendary group on Thursday 21st of September on reworks, after 26 years on a show that will make history. 



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