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Reworks Festival among the best festivals in the world

Beehype published a list of the best festivals around the world, that will to stand out during the summer period for their music completeness and quality, as well as the thousands of visitors that are expected to attract. Reworks was one of them.
Beehype reported:

“After an intense brainstorming session among beehype contributors around the world, we have selected some of the best festivals that we are aware of that happen in the third quarter of the year (July, August and September).

You’ll find events of all kinds and sizes, but as always – what we appreciate most is the attention paid to local/regional music talents who remain outside the global circuit.

With over 900 artists who have played at the festival to date, it’s the biggest and most interesting music festival of North Greece since 2005.

It brings together contemporary culture and forward thinking music in an urban environment, presenting a broad spectrum of – mainly – electronic music. From house & techno to freestyle, neo-classical & jazz to disco, this year’s artists will be presented on 3 outdoor and 9 indoor stages.”

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