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A short Q&A with Antonia Folguera from Sonar+D

Are you seeing any bright ideas coming from out the last five years?

I think that the blockchains are one of the most exciting technologies that have taken importance in the last five years. These technologies can be both used for good or evil, but the possibility that they offer to decentralize the internet (or at least some sectors and platforms) is good news. The music streaming platform Resonate, the decentralized journalism project Civil, or cultural oriented projects like SeaNaps are interesting, exciting and fun to follow and see how they develop and inspire newer ones.

What’s the most interesting topic you’re thinking about this week?

This week I’ve been thinking (and working) about pirate radio, and the hybrids that exist between online radio and traditional FM, SW and AM radio. Traditional radio seems condemned to disappearance in a few years, but technologies are as exciting when they appear as when they start to fade out or mutate into other things.

What were the most inspiring moment in your career?

Cultural changemakers go to festivals and they organize festivals. Festivals are the place to meet kindred spirits, for music, for ideas, for politics, for arts. They are the place to share cultural values and disseminate new ideas, no matter how crazy they may seem.


Antonia Folguera is Content Curator at Sonar+D and will moderate the panel discussion “Music Festivals: voice amplifiers that unite us” at Reworks Agora 2018.

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