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Blockchain: Grassroots initiatives for democracy

A courtesy of Dukakis Center for Democracy and the Thessaloniki US Consulate for Reworks Agora.

There’s a small but growing alliance of public servants, technologists, and concerned citizens who recognize the fundamental threat to our democracy if we continue to let the machinery of government decay, without doing something about it. Engagement at the local level can seem like a mystery but during this speech we will get familiarized with multiple examples around the world that by using the blockchain technology and local cryprocurrencies develop citizen-centered practices that disrupt the status quo and stand up for a strong, open and dynamic democracy.

Keynote Speech: Victoria Alcina Burgues – Υπότροφος, Fellow at the Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business & Government at the Harvard Kennedy School

QnA Session: Aphrodite Bouikidis – Thessaloniki Resilient City


Click here to see the full schedule and speakers of Reworks Agora 2018.

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